Call of Duty Cheating Allegations are Getting out of Hand

CoD cheating allegations are getting out of hand now. Players are making absurd cheating allegations that sound too good to be true.

Call of Duty has always been a competitive game where players would do anything to get an edge over their opponents. This leads to widespread cheating in the game, which a minority of players like to use as it is faster than putting in hours to get better.

The cheating plague became more widespread as Warzone came into being. It was a high adrenaline game connected to the true essence of CoD. However, a minority of players opted to hack instead of learning the game. The cheating plague has since then given rise to the most absurd cheating allegations.

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Cheating Allegations Have Crossed Boundaries

In a recent tweet, Modern Warzone shared a screenshot of a Reddit thread that talks about cheating allegations made towards streamers.

The Reddit thread suggests that big streamers use earpieces under their headsets to get comms on the locations of enemies in-game. Another person uses the cheats on a different system and feeds the locations of the enemies through the earpiece.

Unfortunately, many people will do anything to rise to the top. Therefore, the cheating allegation doesn’t seem like something out of the ballpark. Although this might seem like a satirical post, by any chance, it would not be a matter of surprise if this happened.

Stay frosty as we prepare for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2’s release in the upcoming months. These games will surely bring forth many new and absurd cheating allegations.

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