C9 TenZ shows how to run and shoot at the same time in VALORANT

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

VALORANT is a tactical shooter at its very core. And the general consensus among all the tactical shooters is that players can’t just casually run and gun to eliminate their opponents.

Turns out in VALORANT players can literally move and still be pretty accurate while using some guns. TenZ from Cloud 9 recently revealed that players can move and shoot with the Phantom and still be quite accurate.

Following this discovery, some players in the VALORANT community has been flooding VALORANT’s social media accounts with clips of them running and eliminating their opponents. As VALORANT is a tactical shooter, being accurate while shooting can affect the competitive integrity of the title.

Phantom running spray VALORANT
Image via Riot Games

TenZ reveals how to run and gun


Someone in the chat asked C9 TenZ during one of his Livestream if there was something players can do with Phantom that they can’t do with Vandal. Subsequently, he reveals the difference between those two guns by showing how Phantom can be deadly while moving.

Phantom and vandal are two of the most popular gun in VALORANT. The difference between them is quite clear as Phantom deals less damage while being easier to control while Vandal is the main choice for those one tappers but has a difficult spray pattern.

In the clip, TenZ just shows off how broken Phantom is at the current patch. It can be used to mow down opponents while moving at a pretty decent speed. Full running spray shouldn’t be a thing in a tactical shooter where slow methodical play gets priority over being quick and chaotic.

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