VALORANT: players want the ability to report toxicity during the agent selection menu

Toxicity in online gaming is nothing new. Riot Games, the developers behind games such as League of Legends faced these problems on a regular basis. Now VALORANT which is their first foray into FPS games is filled with toxic players.

Several months after VALORANT’s official launch, it is safe to assume Riot Games took some drastic actions against cheaters, leavers, and abusers. But it looks like even after all that effort from Riot, toxicity in VALORANT is still a major issue that players have to deal with on a day to day basis.

Even the producer on VALORANT faced toxicity while playing the game. Needless to say, Anna Donlon who is the producer of VALORANT already made some claims towards making VALORANT a better place for all the players. Subsequently, VALORANT’s reporting system is quite robust right now.

VALORANT report system agent selection menu
Image via Riot Games

Report toxic players in the pre-game lobby

However, players can still get away with abusing other players in the lobby during the agent selection menu. Since players don’t have the option to report players in the pre-game lobby, some toxic players can still make some homophobic remarks and not get any real punishment for their actions.

Some players are now urging Riot Games to add some sort of reporting tool in the agent selection menu. League of Legends recently implemented such a system and it worked as intended. Thus players are suggesting Riot to implement something similar in VALORANT.

Players should not have to face abusive remarks while playing online video games. Riot needs to take a hard look at the pre-game reporting system to ensure a safer environment for players.

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