Hecarim, Kha’Zix, Varus & Others Receiving Buffs In Patch 13.21

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Riot has unveiled that Bel’Veth, Hecarim, K’Sante, Kha’Zix, Leblanc, Master Yi, Morgana, Tahm Kench, & Varus are receiving massive buffs in patch 13.21.

The patch 13.19 was the League of Legends Worlds 2023 patch. Before that, Riot was mostly balancing the game based on pro play. But as that patch is behind us, Riot can balance the game based on solo queue.

And in the last patch, 13.20, we have seen massive changes to the overall meta. While Riot didn’t change many champions, they adjusted the overall game systems like minions, jungle, towers, runes, etc. The reason was that they wanted to reduce the snowballing.

These changes were controversial for many players. Additionally, many tank jungle champions became strong, and many AD champions became weak with this patch.

The lead gameplay designer, Riot Phroxzon, recently revealed all the patch 13.21 changes on Twitter. He unveiled that Bel’Veth, Hecarim, K’Sante, Kha’Zix, Leblanc, Master Yi, Morgana, Tahm Kench, and Varus would receive buffs in the upcoming patch.

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League of Legends Patch 13.21 Buffs

Bel’Veth Buffs

  • E – Royal Maelstrom:
    • Cooldown: 24/22.5/21/19.5/18 seconds >>> 20/19/18/17/16 seconds.

Bel’Veth and some AD jungle champions were extremely hurt in the meta due to the Smite changes. Additionally, the champions who benefited from Gustwalker or Blue Smite were also weakened.

Due to these reasons, Bel’Veth and some other AD junglers are receiving some buffs as compensation.

Hecarim Buffs

  • Base Stats:
    • AD Growth: 3.2 per level >>> 3.7 per level.
  • W – Spirit of Dread:
    • Duration: 4 seconds >>> 5 seconds

Hecarim is also one of the champions who benefited from Blue Smite, as the more bonus movement speed he has, the more AD he gains. However, with the Gustwalker nerfs, he lost that edge. Moreover, even before that, he was nerfed as Spear of Shojin became a more prominent pick. But even after Riot nerfed the item, Hecarim’s W is still weaker than it was before.

So, together with the nerfed kit and smite, Hecarim’s win rate plummeted in the solo queue. Due to that, Riot is buffing him in the upcoming patch.

K’Sante Buffs

  • Passive – Dauntless Instinct:
    • ALL OUT Bonus:
      • Bonus Damage: 35% >>> 45/60/75%.
  • Q – Ntofo Strikes:
    • Bonus HP Cast Time Limit: 1800 >>> 1200.
    • ALL OUT Bonus:
      • Basic Timer Reset: 0.1 seconds >>> Instant.
  • W – Path Maker:
    • Maximum Channeling Time: 1 seconds >>> 1.5 seconds.
  • E – Footwork:
    • ALL OUT Bonus:
    • Basic Timer Reset: 0.1 seconds >>> Instant.

In the last patch, K’Sante received massive changes. These made him easier to pick up. However, it also removed a lot of his skill expression. K’Sante is one of the champions who is weak if an inexperienced player picks him but extremely broken if a skilled player uses him. Due to this, Riot wanted average players to pick him up more. So they adjusted his overall kit. But because of it, many of his skillful combos no longer exist.

His win rate is 46.37%, the second-worst win rate in the top lane. Due to this, he is going to receive some buffs in patch 13.21.

Kha’Zix Buffs

Kha’Zix’s case is also similar to Bel’Veth’s. With the smite and objective nerfs, Kha’Zix has become weaker overall. Moreover, the Duskblade nerf also harmed his damage and power spike.

While he has a respectable 7.6% pick rate, his win rate is 47.79%. As he is a weaker pick, Riot will be buffing him in the next patch.

LeBlanc Buffs

  • W – Distortion:
    • Damage: 75/115/155/195/235 (+ 65% AP) >>> 75/115/155/195/235 (+ 75% AP).
  • E – Ethereal Chains:
    • Second Activation Damage: 80/120/160/200/240 (+ 70% AP) >>> 80/120/160/200/240 (+ 80% AP).

In the last patch, Riot nerfed LeBlanc as she was running around the Rift with her new AD build. While they did increase her AP ratio, it wasn’t enough to make her a viable pick. Moreover, she is the worst mid-laner in the game currently.

Since her win rate is an abysmal 45.38%, Riot will give her some substantial buffs in the upcoming patch.

Master Yi Buffs

E – Wuju Style:

  • Cooldown: 18 seconds >>> 14 seconds

Master Yi is the last AD jungler receiving a buff in this patch. Since the itemization rework in the mid-season patch, Master Yi has not been doing well in the meta. But as the meta heavily favored snowball champions, Master Yi was not a bad pick. However, as Riot nerfed it, it is hard for Master Yi to carry the match properly. Because of this, Master Yi will receive some substantial buffs in patch 13.21.

Morgana Buffs

W – Tormented Shadow:

  • Damage: 12 – 52 >>> 12 – 56.
  • Monster Damage Modifier: 165% >>> 170%

Morgana received some substantial buffs in the last patch. Alongside the ultimate changes, they slightly increased monster damage. But as it was a small part of the update, no one batted an eye. But now Riot will buff her jungle strength even more. It will be interesting to see if Morgana becomes a meta jungler again, like in prior seasons.

Tahm Kench Buffs

  • Passive – An Acquired Taste:
    • Bonus Magic Damage: 8 – 60 (Level 1-18) >>> 6 – 48 (Level 1-11)
    • Health Ratio: 3% bonus Health >>> 5% bonus Health.
  • W – Abyssal Dive:
    • Cooldown refund: 40% flat >>> 40/42.5/45/47.5/50%.

Last season, Riot tried to nerf Tahm Kench a lot as he was a prominent top lane pick. They tried to bring him back to his intentional support role. With these nerfs, many people stopped picking him on top. While a lot of players did pick him when the tank meta began earlier this year, it was still few and far between. Now, surprisingly, Riot is buffing him for top lane again. So, a lot of players will have their favorite top lane pick return in the next update.

Varus Buffs

  • W – Blighted Quiver:
    • On-Hit Magic Damage: 7/12/17/22/27 (+ 35% AP) >>> 7/13/19/25/31 (+ 35% AP).
  • E – Hail of Arrows:
    • Slow: 25/30/35/40/45% >>> 30/35/40/45/50%

Varus has been one of the most volatile champions in the game. He is either the meta ADC or one of the bottom-tier picks. However, with the itemization changes, he has been in a far more consistent state than before. With that, he still doesn’t have an average win rate like other ADCs. So Riot will give him some much-needed buffs in the upcoming patch 13.21.

Patch 13.21 Release Date

These buffs will hit live servers on patch 13.21, scheduled to be released on Wednesday, October 25, 2023.

Soumyo Deb is a League of Legends writer at GameRiv and a dedicated Jungle Main. When he is not writing about the latest League news, he is testing out various off-meta champions in the jungle.