Briar Mini-Rework Details in LoL Patch 14.2

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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After only a single patch of not being nerfed, Riot gives Briar a mini-rework.

There are three certainties in League of Legends: Jungle Gap, 0-10 Yasuo Powerspike, and Briar Nerfs. All jokes aside, Riot is planning to change Briar once again in Patch 14.2.

Briar has been one of the most difficult champions to balance for the past few months. Since her release in Patch 13.18, she has undergone multiple changes. Initially, she was regarded as quite weak, but as players became more accustomed to her abilities, her win rate steadily kept improving. At one point, she had close to a 53% win rate, making her one of the strongest Jungle champions in the game.

Thus, from Patch 13.22 onwards, Riot started heavily nerfing Briar. She was hit with a Nerf on almost every patch and yet her win rate remained strong. Even now, she remains one of the strongest Junglers in the meta with a 52% win rate. That’s why Riot is yet again nerfing Briar in Patch 14.2.

In this article, we will take a look at the upcoming Briar changes and discuss how they would affect her.

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Briar Mini-Rework

Here’s a list of Briar changes coming in Patch 14.2,

  • Passive – Crimson Curse
    • Healing Amplification: .5% per 1% missing HP >>> .4%(+.03 per 100%Bonus Health) per 1% missing HP
    • Bleed Tickrate: 1s >>> .5s
  • Q – Head Rush
    • Damage: 60-180(+80% Base AD) Physical Damage >>> 60-180(+80% Base AD)(+60% AP) Magic Damage
    • Shred: 10-20% Armor >>> 10-20% Armor and Magic Resistance.
    • Now applies on-hit effects and lifesteal
  • W – Blood Frenzy
    • Bite Healing: 36-60% of damage dealt >>> 25-45% of damage dealt + 5% Briar’s max HP
    • W no longer crits for 5-65(+5% AD) bonus damage

Briar’s Passive – Crimson Curse base healing is going down, but it is getting a new Bonus Health scaling. So, building Bruiser items will now be more effective. Also, the bleed tick rate is going down.

Passive – Crimson Curse will now deal Magic Damage instead of Physical. Additionally, the ability will shed both Armor and Magic Resistance and will apply on hit effects. So, can now reliably build AP. On-hit builds should also be better.

W – Blood Frenzy healing is also getting HP scaling, and it no longer crits.

Overall, these now make Lethality/Crit Briar a lot less viable. It also added new builds, such as AP and On-hit Briar finally viable.

Release Date

The aforementioned Briar nerfs will hit live servers on Patch 14.2which is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, January 24, 2024.

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