Best Ways to Get More XP in Evil Dead: The Game

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Credit: Saber Interactive

In Evil Dead: The Game, XPs are treasure-like elements that can get you to the next level of the game faster than ever before. Moreover, your chance of winning also increases as your XP increases. You will get to know the best ways to get more XP through this guide!

Evil Dead: The Game is a survival horror video game where you get to fight the demons of the dark! The more you win, your XP (Experience Points) gets higher, and your chance of upgrading gets faster.

XP is not so easy to get but also not so hard either. You must have the patience to gain as much XP as needed to complete your levels quickly and get your scores on board. XP does not only increase your levels but also helps you upgrade your characters, skills, weapons, etc.

To get the most out of the game, you must invest in earning more XP.

Best Ways to Get More XP in Evil Dead: The Game
Credit: Saber Interactive

Best Ways to Get More XP

XPs are important in Evil Dead: The Game as XPs are a great way to upgrade faster and complete levels efficiently.

The best ways to get more XP are down below:

Fight: Players vs AI Demons

Get your friends to play alongside you and take on the demons together. Fighting with these AI Demons would surely increase your XP.

Win Matches

To get the most number of XP, you must take part in the fights and win the matches.

Use Multiplayer Modes and Invite Friends

You should use multiplayer mode to play more with all your friends and keep talking with your friends throughout the gameplay. You must also invite your friends to play together. Playing together is the best way to earn more XP.

Be a Survivor

Play as a survivor to win XP points. Playing as the survivor makes it difficult to get wins as the odds are against you, but it will reward you with more XP than ever before!

Upgrade Your Items

After winning matches, you should purchase upgraded weaponry and characters to win the next battle with the demons faster and get more XP in the process.

Best Ways to Get More XP in Evil Dead: The Game
Credit: Saber Interactive

These are the best ways to get more XP in Evil Dead: The Game. BEST OF LUCK!!

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