Best VALORANT Agents for Breeze in 2022

Riot released Breeze with the Episode 2 ACT 3  update back in April. The presence of Breeze created huge debates within the VALORANT community.

While some pros favored the map heavily, others criticized its ridiculous size. Influencers like Shroud saw the potential of this map and advised everyone to wait until Breeze was available for the pros to play in VCT.

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As predicted by Shroud, Breeze became a map to retreat for many professional teams. Some teams started to pick Breeze to surprise their opponents. Carefully planned strategies are highly effective in this map. Due to its vast size, Breeze offers many options for the players; most importantly, it allows any kind of playstyle. 

With such freedoms given, choosing the right agent for the job is also critical. Popular metas are sometimes not effective in Breeze. In this guide, we will be making a tier list of the best Agents to pick in Breeze based on their abilities, tasks, and necessity. 

Best Agents for Breeze 


  • S-Tier: Reyna & Jett
  • A-Tier: Phoenix
  • B-Tier: Yoru
  • C-Tier: Raze
best valorant agents for breeze
Best Duelist Agents for Breeze

Reyna and Jett

Reyna is a highly effective Duelist in Breeze. Her Leer, Dismiss, and Devour are ideally well suited for this vast map. Due to her abilities being so agile, she can fight, escape or evade. Even for entry fragging, her Leer does the job better than Phoenix’s Curveball. On the other hand, Jett again has the task of bearing the Operator. Jett can find many elevated and hard-to-spot positions on the map to make the best out of the Operator. Jett’s Cloudburst is also an excellent ability to escape unwanted attention. 


Slightly less effective than Reyna but still a good choice for the veterans. Typically, Phoenix is a good choice because of his Blaze and Run It Back; Breeze, however, requires more lengthy abilities. For example, the Run It Back won’t simply cover enough space to make the best out of it. Reyna’s ultimate is also not something to rely on, but she can compensate for it through her other abilities. 


Although we’ve placed Yoru in the C-Tier throughout our entire “Best Agent “series, Breeze is the only map that requires his abilities specifically. Yoru’s Gatecrash, Fakeout, and Blindsides are useful in Breeze. The Gatecrash ability alone can make Yoru an S-Tier agent for this map. Still, while considering other terms like Agent composition and Yoru’s necessity in a regular composition, the agent lacks behind Reyna and Jett. 


None of her abilities are of much use in this map, and Breeze’s massive scale outclasses her capabilities by a mile. In Breeze, Raze’s Boom Bot won’t reveal much of any angle, and her Paint Shells are too easy to dodge. Additionally, her Showstopper is less likely to hit anyone in the enormous open grounds of Breeze. 


  • S-Tier: Viper 
  • A-Tier: Omen
  • B-Tier: Brimstone
  • C-Tier: Astra 
best valorant agents for breeze
Best Controller Agents for Breeze


In both defense and offense, Viper’s inventory offers plenty of options for any team. Her Toxic Screen is by far the most crucial ability required for any offensive plans. Viper’s post-plant potential also comes into play due to a good amount of effective lineups available on the map. Even though her Ultimate doesn’t cover many areas, it’s still able to make some differences in critical situations. 


Omen’s lurking potential remains untouched even in such a colossal map. His Dark Cover is not better than the three Sky Smokes of Brimstone, but he can definitely cover up the choke points with ease. His Ultimate multiplies his lurking potential while his other ability Shourded Step, adds more to his functionality in Breeze. 


Although the recent meta suggests that we favor Astra over other Controllers, Breeze changes the equation drastically. Brimstone’s Sky Smokes is pretty powerful on the map, and Skye Smokes lasts 19.25 seconds before disappearing, a relatively long time to execute carefully planned strategies. Except for the Stim Beacon, most of his abilities are suitable for post-plant scenarios.


Astra is an excellent agent to pick if you play with a team and have the correct Agent Composition. However, in your regular matchmaking, it’s best to avoid Astra. Her abilities are super effective in other maps like Ascent or Haven; then again, Breeze is way too large to utilize those abilities efficiently. 


  • S-Tier: Cypher
  • A-Tier: Sage
  • B-Tier: killjoy 
best valorant agents for breeze
Best Sentinel Agents for Breeze


The Moroccan agent’s ultimate demise was saved by Breeze when the pros started to pick him as the sole Sentinel agent for the map. After multiple rounds of nerfs from Riot, Cypher’s abilities were severely damaged. However, things changed when the pros from both Europe and North America decided to take Cypher into the meta. The primary reason behind such changes is obviously his Spycam and Tripwire. His Spycam can reveal enemy locations, and his Tripwires are essential to stop any lurkers.


Sage’s role in Breeze is quite unique. Since Skye’s heal requires her to get close to her teammates, Sage can heal from longer distances. Additionally, Sage’s Barrier Orb is kind of necessary to stop early-round attacks. Lastly, Sage’s Resurrection ability cannot be overlooked, and it has more potential than it seems. 


Breeze’s colossal scale does not allow Killjoy to have much impact on the map, and even her Lockdown is way too small compared to the vast size of both A and B sites. Killjoy’s Turret might be effective against lurkers up to some point, but it is prone to fail since Killjoy cannot maintain a single position for the entire length of a round. Her Nanoswarms are not any game-changers either, since the bomb sites offer plenty of alternatives Spike-plant positions. 


S Tier: Skye

A Tier: Sova

B Tier: KAY/O

C Tier: Breach

best valorant agents for breeze
Best Initiator Agents for Breeze


As an Initiator Agent, Skye is a natural fit for Breeze. During the Stage 3 Challengers, teams from all major regions had Skye in their compositions. Undoubtedly, Skye has plenty to offer in Breeze. Apart from being an Initiator, she can also fill in as a Duelist when needed. Skye’s Guiding Light and Trailblazer are helpful for any team. Even her Seekers can track down enemies or reveal their directions from long ranges. 


In the European scene, both Skye and Sova are highly favored by S Tier teams like Fnatic or Team Liquid. For the lineup enthusiasts, playing Sova on Breeze is like a Blessing. Sova’s value during the post-plant scenario is huge, and his Owl Drone is an excellent alternative to Skye’s Trailblazer ability. Although, in Breeze, his Hunter’s Fury is not really effective in most cases.


Similar to Skye, KAY/O can also step up as a Duelist when required. In contrast, KAY/O’s other abilities don’t provide much value for a team. Playing solo as KAY/O might be a good idea in low-elo matches, but it won’t make much sense in Immortal or higher lobbies. Unless you are absolutely sure about his abilities like FRAG/ment or ZERO/point, it’s best to avoid KAY/O.


Except for his long-range Flashpoints, none of Breach’s abilities serve any critical role in Breeze. His Rolling Thunder is somewhat capable on A site of the map, but even in its full capacity, it can’t cover the entirety of any sites on the map. So, in short, Breach is not a good pick for Breeze from any perspective.

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Choosing the right agent is important, but it’s most likely to come down to the individual skill levels of a player to get the most out of an Agent. In the Playoffs for Berlin Masters, pros have shown the potential of this map to its full extent in Stage 3 Challengers matches. If you are aiming to play as a Controller or Initiator, it’s best to practice some lineups before queueing your next ranked match. In comparison, playing Duelist in Breeze is easier since the responsibility is not that huge, and choke points are relatively easy to bypass. However, playing on Breeze will require patience & caution.

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