Best Ghost Skins in VALORANT 2022: Ranking All the Skins from Worst to Best

Here we’ll rank all the different Ghost skins that Riot Games has released so far in Valorant.

Riot Games entered the highly competitive tactical shooter genre of video games with Valorant. To put it simply, Riot took movement and gunplay from CSGO and hero-based abilities from Overwatch and combined them in such a manner that attracted the attention of diehard tactical shooter fans.

As it is a game developed by Riot Games, it is obviously a free-to-play game. Consequently, there is no barrier to entry while playing this game. However, players can still purchase weapon skins using real-world money to customize their play sessions.

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Since Riot’s main source of revenue from Valorant is made through paid cosmetics, they have already released a quite diverse roster of skins for all the different weapons that are available in the game.

But here we’ll shed some light on Ghost which is a pistol mostly used in early or low buy rounds in Valorant. Similar to other weapons in its class, Riot has released some amusing-looking reactive skins for this weapon.

How Many Ghost Skins are there in Valorant?

Right now, in Episode 3 Act 3 of Valorant, Riot Games has released 23 skins for the Ghost. And among them, there are 2 select editions, 2 deluxe editions, 6 premium editions, 1 exclusive edition, and the rest are battle pass or agent contract specific skins.

Best Ghost Skins in Valorant(A Complete Tier List)

Now, we’ll rank every single Ghost skins that Riot Games has released so far in Valorant, and put them into three distinct categories such as S-Tier, A-Tier, and lastly, B-Tier. To put it simply, S-Tier skins are the best Ghost skins in the game. They are the cream of the crop when it comes to skins in the game.

A-Tier skins are also really good, but they do fall a bit short of being a true S-Tier skin as they lack the X factor that a true S-Tier possesses. And lastly, there are B-Tier skins. Suffice to say that, they are just average when it comes to their popularity and VFX effects.

Also, we take unique colorway and VFX effects into consideration while ranking these skins. As with any other tier list, this one is extremely subjective.

  • Best(S-Tier): Magepunk, Sovereign, Ruination
  • Good(A-Tier): Ego, Recon, Tethered Realms, Depths, Infantry, Winterwunderland, Vendetta, Cavalier, Prism, Eclipse, VALORANT Go! Vol.1
  • Average(B-Tier): Artisan, DOT EXE, Hush, Jigsaw, Luxe, Outpost, Serenity, Soul Silencer

Top 10 Best Ghost skins in Valorant

Right now, in Episode 3 Act 2 of Valorant, Riot Games has released quite a diverse collection of Ghost skins in the game. We’ll showcase ten of the best so far. This is basically a guide for new and returning players who are looking for some recommendations on the best Ghost skins in the game. Also, this list will be in descending order where the last skin in the list is the best one Riot has released so far, according to us.

10. Winterwunderland

Image via Riot Games

Winterwunderland skin line was released back in holiday 2020 as a part of the holiday-inspired event skins. It features a unique animated frozen landscape. Also, this Ghost skin changes from light mode to dark mode based upon the sunlight in the game world. In that aspect, it is quite unique.

9. Prism

Image via Riot Games

Prism is part of the sold color skin bundle in the game. These skins are tailor-made for players who are into clean-looking skins with only one sold colorway. While this isn’t the most flashy-looking Ghost skin that is out right now, it still has its dedicated userbase.

8. Eclipse

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games released the Eclipse skin for the game alongside the release of Astra as it was a reward for completing Astra’s agent contract. Unlike other agent-specific Ghost skins, this one stood out mainly due to its gold and purple colorway that gave it a pretty classy look.

7. Valorant Go! Vol. 1

Valorant Go! Vol. 1
Image via Riot Games

Valorant Go! Vol. 1 was a part of the anime-inspired skin line in Valorant. Based on popular demands, the cosmetic department at Riot Games finally caved in and gave fans what they really wanted. An anime-themed character-specific weapons skins. Unsurprisingly, the Sage-inspired ghost skin immediately became a fan favorite.

6. Ego by OneTap

Ego by OneTap
Image via Riot Games

Ego by OneTap bundle was inspired by real-world streetwear fashion. As such, this skin featured simple colors with a dash of gold and silver to stand out. Also, there is text imbued into the gun in different languages that say, “unstoppable”.

5. Recon

Image via Riot Games

Recon is basically a real-world military weapon-inspired skin bundle. This skin set features different camo-inspired Ghost skin that will definitely wow some players. Valorant has very few realistic-looking Ghost skins in the game. This is by far one of the best ones.

4. Tethered Realms

4. Tethered Realms
Image via Riot Games

Tethered Realms Ghost skin features a unique-looking duel tone design similar to that of the Winterwunderland skin bundle. This skin’s base is similar to that of a Sovereign skin but has another layer on top of it that showcases two different realms based upon lighting.

3. Sovereign

Image via Riot Games

Sovereign skin set was the first reactive premium edition skin for the Ghost. Following its release, it cemented itself as one of the best-looking Ghost skins in the game. As it was a premium edition skin, players were able to customize this skin to their heart’s content. Since many pro players were rocking this Ghost skin, it became really popular within the Valorant community.

2. Ruination

Image via Riot Games

Ruination skins were part of the Sentinels of Light event that ran across all the different titles that Riot Games owned. Unsurprisingly, the artists at Riot Games went all in for this Ruined king-inspired Ghost skin. Upon its release, it almost became the default Ghost skin for content creators as well as pros. As such, its popularity among the player base also skyrocketed.

1. Magepunk

Image via Riot Games

Magepunk is by far the best-looking Ghost skin that Riot Games has released so far in the game. The Magepunk aesthetic paired with different colored see-through lighting effects made it stand out from the sea of other ghost skins in the game. Definitely keep an eye on this skin if it ever drops in your daily rotating storefront.

How to get past Ghost skins in valorant

So, you have fallen in love with a certain Ghost skin in the game but don’t know how to get your hands on them, then this guide is for you. There are multiple ways players can purchase skins in the game. The first and the most efficient way is to get them when they arrive at your storefront.

If you missed your chance to get them when they were first released, then check your daily rotating skin shop to see if any of the Ghost skins that you liked returned or not. And lastly, Riot Games provides heavy discounts on the Night Market. Keep your eyes peeled for this Night Market drops to own some dope-looking Ghost skin for way less than their original sticker price.

Upcoming Ghost Skins

As of writing, we don’t have any new information regarding any new upcoming Ghost skins in the game. We’ll definitely update this article to showcase any new addition.

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