Best Enshrouded Steam Deck Settings: Improve FPS and Performance

Abir Hasan
By Abir Hasan
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Credit: Valve & Keen Games

Keep reading to get the best out of Enshrouded in your Steam Deck!

While Enshrouded is an indie title, the RPG is seen struggling quite a bit running on Valve‘s Steam Deck. It isn’t really a shocker, considering the fact that it is a handheld device. You can’t really expect to run a PC game on optimized performance. However, Steam Deck has been able to run games like Elden Ring with the correct settings and tweaking. This handheld PC has a very powerful hardware system compared to its size and was developed to give stable performance with high-end games.

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Coming to Enshrouded, yes, you can run the game on Steam Deck, but as mentioned before, you have to tweak its settings here and there. If you wish to maintain the FPS rate by 30 or more at a constant, you need to find the best Enshrouded Steam Deck Settings available. Rest easy, as we can help you tweak the necessary Enshrouded settings to get a stable performance at constant. Dive into our exclusive guide to get the Best Enshrouded Steam Deck Settings and improve FPS and Performance.

Best Enshrouded Steam Deck Settings for FPS and Performance

Best Enshrouded Steam Deck Settings Improve FPS and Performance
Credit: Valve & Keen Games

While the game automatically optimizes its settings according to the device, you need to tweak some options further to bring out the best. Before you jump into making the adjustments in your Steam Deck, remember the game may still take some FPS drops and have a longer loading time than usual. Now access the Enshrouded settings and make the tweakings-

Display Mode Full Screen
Resolution 1280×800
Field of View Around 50%
Limit Framerate in BackgroundOn
Anti-AliasingFSR 2
Anti-Aliasing quality FSR 2
FSR 2 qualityPerformance
Texture Resolution Performance
Shadow Quality Performance
Contact Shadows Off
Indirect LightingBalance
Reflections Balance
Fog QualityPerformance
Volumetric Shadow QualityOff
SSAO Performance
Distant Objects Performance
Voxel Detail Models Performance
Small FoliageOff
Tessellation Performance
Point Light Shadows Performance

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