Where to Find the Alchemist in Enshrouded

Akib Aditya Khan
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Here is how to find the Alchemist in Enshrouded and how you can use him in your base.

Enshrouded is the latest action survival RPG by Keen Games which will require the players to complete a lot of activities for their survival. To aid their survival in Enshrouded, players will need to collect different kinds of resources. Moreover, few NPCs can help players to gather different loot easily. One of them is the Alchemist, who can provide the players with useful crafts to help them survive in Enshrouded.

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Balthazar the Alchemist is a reliable source to make spells and potions to help your survival in Enshrouded. You can craft a lot of different items including the Health Potion from the Alchemist. However, the process to find and recruit this NPC for your base might be a little bit complicated. Here is a complete guide on how to find the Alchemist in Enshrouded and use it in your base.

How to Find the Alchemist in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Balthazar the Alchemist
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The Alchemist can be found inside the Ancient Vault in the northwest region of the map from your starting point. If you want to reach the Ancient Vault from the starting point directly, it is going to be a long and tough journey. Luckily, there is an easy way to reach the location from the Ancient Spire – Springlands.

To reach the location easily, head over to the Ancient Spire first which is located north of your starting point. After reaching here, you need to solve some platform puzzles to reach the top of the tower.

Enshrouded Gliding
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From the top of the Ancient Spire fast travel point, use your glider to jump to the west. Keep gliding till you reach ruined buildings in Woodlands. After landing here, stay on foot and keep heading towards the Ancient Vault. In many cases, you will need to use the dodge and roll movement exploit to climb mountains and terrains.

After heading a bit forward to the Ancient Vault, you will find several enemies outside the Ancient Vault. After defeating the first enemy on your way, you will find a red orb with stairs on its side. Take the stairs and head upwards until you reach a red fort with more enemies inside it. Defeat all of them to progress further.

Enshrouded Ancient Vault
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Once you have defeated all the enemies outside, head inside the Ancient Vault. From the entrance, make your way to your left side and it will eventually lead you to a room with red smoke and more enemies inside it. Defeat all the enemies inside this room as well and head towards the left stairs.

Enshrouded Alchemist Pod
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After taking the stairs on your left, instantly go to the right stairs which is going to be very long. Keep moving forward and it will eventually lead you to a hallway. From the hallway to your right, you will finally find the room with the pod containing the Alchemist inside it.

There will be two melee guards guarding the pod. Defeat them as well and interact with the pod to obtain Balthazar the Alchemist. Now, come back to your base using the fast travel points. Build a shelter for the Alchemist and place him inside it.

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