Bayonetta 3: Complete List of All Missions

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Here is a complete list of all the missions in Bayonetta 3.

When we talk about combat systems in games, we talk about games like Batman: Arkhan Origins and Devil May Cry. However, the one that sits at the top of that list is the Bayonetta series. Bayonetta games have always been filled with action-packed combat and a beautiful environment. From exploring the world to going ham on your enemies, Bayonetta gives you a complete experience.

After almost eight years, a new game for Bayonetta is out, and this time, it will be an exclusive for Nintendo Switch. So with a new game at hand, the legacy that the Bayonetta series has put forward continues with yet another game. Moreover, if you are wondering how many missions have been added for you to enjoy in the game. Below we have made a complete list of all the missions in Bayonetta 3.

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Complete List of All the missions in Bayonetta 3

After nearly a decade, Titular Umbra is coming back with a new storyline and action moves to show off. There are a total of 14 main missions and 4 four side missions. These will give you around 12-14 hours of hardcore combat action with a witch who defined the combat system in the early 2010s.

All the missions in Bayonetta 3

Players can add more hours to this game if they decide to collect all the collectibles in the game. Furthermore, each Mission will give you different rewards after you finish them. In fact, there are different kinds of weapons you can unlock as you progress through each Mission. Moreover, you can check out the complete list below of all the Main Missions in Bayonetta 3.

All Main missions List

  • Records of Time – Phenomenal Affirmation
  • Prologue – A Chaotic Encounter
  • Chapter 1 – Scrambling for Answers
  • Chapter 2 – City on Fire
  • Chapter 3 – A Sinking Feeling
  • Chapter 4 – Worlds Apart
  • Chapter 5 – Hot Pursuit
  • Chapter 6 – Off the Rails
  • Chapter 7 – Burning Sands
  • Chapter 8 – A Croaking Chorus
  • Chapter 9 – Learning to Fly
  • Chapter 10 – Cover of Night
  • Chapter 11 – A Familiar Dance
  • Chapter 12 – The Edge of Madness
  • Chapter 13 – Kingdom of One
  • Chapter 14 – The Single Truth

All Side Missions List

  • Side Quest – The Crimson Shadow
  • Side Quest – The Lynx Strikes
  • Side Quest – High Stakes
  • Side Quest – The Doctor is Out

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