Should You Unleash Mizora or Annihilate Her in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)?

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Choosing to help Mizora will help make your BG3 gameplay smoother with many rewards. But whether you should help her by releasing or killing her is a matter of question! Don’t worry; we will get you out of this dilemma through this guide.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is the latest C-RPG game from the Dungeons and Dragons universe, where you’ll explore the ruins of Faerun and find the ultimate cure for the Mind Flayer parasites.

What’s more is that your epic adventures will be filled with missions and quests that you can complete with your team. And you’ll get ample opportunities to fight against terrifying enemies alongside your friends.

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One of the major storylines in BG3 is Mizora and Wyll’s. Mizora is a devilish woman who has held Wyll’s contract. But now Mizora has been attacked by the Mind Flayers, and she asks for your help to save her in exchange for Wyll’s freedom.

Now, you can save her from the parasite pod or kill her. Choosing either of the options will result in a significant impact on the BG3’s story outcome. By the end of this guide, you will know what to do for a better adventure!

Unleash Mizora From the Pod or Annihilate Her?

As Wyll’s life is in danger, Mizora will ask you to find Zariel’s Asset in Moonrise Tower in Wyll’s Companion quest. She will assure that if the assets are found, she will let go of Wyll’s contract, and his life will be saved from turning into a devil and being banished to hell.

To complete her request, players may need to visit the Mind Flayer Colony and, upon entering that place, visit the room where Zevlor is. There, you will see that Zariel’s Asset is Mizora herself.

Now, here are the two options and their consequences:

Unleash Mizora From The Pod

Unleash Mizora From The Pod BG3
credit: Larian StudioS

If you save Mizora, Wyll will unlock the Pod, and Mizora will escape certain death. After she is free, Mizora will keep her promise and free Wyll from the contract.

However, Mizora will also notify Wyll that even though the contract is broken, it will still take him 6 more months to break free from the devil pact.

Not only that, but she will also reward you with the ultimate powerful weapon known as the Infernal Rapier, and she may be romantically involved with you in Act 3 later in the game.

So, the ultimate perks of saving her are:

  • Wyll is freed from his contract and hence continues to remain in your party
  • You unlock a deadly one-handed weapon with 6-13 base damage
  • Mizora becomes a potential romance option

Annihilate Mizora

Annihilate Mizora BG3
credit: Larian Studios

If you choose to annihilate Mizora, she will die in the Pod, and you may lose Wyll for good. That’s because Wyll will get out of the camp as he has failed to complete his task of breaking free from the contract.

That’s why we recommend you do NOT kill Mizora. After all, saving her will benefit you immensely in the later game.

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