Aurelion Sol Rework Is Coming To Wild Rift In Patch 5.0

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot is releasing the Aurelion Sol rework in Wild Rift on patch 5.0.

Before his release on PC, Aurelion Sol was one of the most anticipated champion releases of all time. Even before that, players wanted to play a dragon in the game. Around that time, Riot was teasing that a dragon champion would be released in the game. But he was scrapped and was repurposed into Aurelion Sol.

When Aurelion Sol was released in 2016, he was extremely clunky to play with. Even so, after playing Aurelion Sol for hours, some players became proficient at him. While they weren’t many in numbers, they still dominated in the higher ranks. Because of it, Riot nerfed him a lot. And after those nerfs, Aurelion Sol was unplayable for many players.

However, earlier this year, he got a CGU or Comprehensive Gameplay Update. With CGU, Riot Games fully overhauls a champion’s kit without changing its visuals. That way, while the champion might look familiar, his gameplay would be unrecognizable.

And Aurelion Sol’s rework was a huge success. So much so that he was either picked or banned in all ranks. Even after countless adjustments, he still has a massive player base, unlike before.

While he was reworked on PC, in Wild Rift, he was still the old Aurelion Sol. But unlike on PC, ASol was fairly balanced on Wild Rift. Due to this, he didn’t need a rework. But to keep the parity with the PC version, Riot will be reworking him in early next year.

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Wild Rift: Aurelion Sol Rework

If you want to see the full breakdown of his new abilities, you can check them out here.

But for a quick rundown,

For his passive, when he deals damage to enemies, he can earn stardust stacks. And these stacks will empower his abilities.

His first skill is a massive beam that will deal a huge amount of damage. Moreover, when it is maxed, he can cast his first skill for as long as he wants or as long as his mana pool allows.

Asol’s new second skill is his flight ability. But now, while in flight, he can still cast his other abilities.

With his new third ability, he can summon a black hole. And enemies around it will be pulled into the black hole. Moreover, if the enemy is below a certain HP, they are executed.

And finally, Aurelion Sol’s new ultimate is Falling Star. With that, he can cast a massive meteor to a targeted location. Players in that location are damaged and stunned. Once Asol gains enough stacks, his ultimate transforms into The Skies Descend. It is similar to its base version. However, the effect is global. Not only that, the enemies will also be knocked up as well.

Overall, this new version of Aurelion Sol is more intuitive than before. So both diehard Aurelion Sol fans and casuals can enjoy the champion properly.

Release Date

The Aurelion Sol rework is coming out on Wild Rift on patch 5.0, scheduled for January 18, 2024.

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