Arsenal Star Gabriel Jesus VAC Banned in Counter-Strike 2?

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: Arsenal FC

The Premier League striker has gone to social media to plead his case to Valve.

Counter-Strike has a long-standing issue with cheaters ruining the game. With the addition of Valve Anti-Cheat or VAC into Steam games back in 2002, it aimed to tackle the ongoing cheating issues. Since then, the game has evolved, become a leading Esports, and also garnered the attention of superstars like Sergio Agüero, Neymar JR, and even the current Arsenal number 9, Gabriel Jesus. So it’s surprising to see that Gabriel Jesus has reported getting VAC banned.

The Brazillian national joins a star-studded list of athletes who are venturing into gaming and esports. Gaming has been an escape for most people for a while now. Even if you are a professional footballer, gaming gives everyone a safe space.

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Did Gabriel Jesus get VAC Banned?

u/Mahoganychicken on r/gunners posted that he got queued up with Gabriel Jesus in a FaceIT pick-up game. The results are just as you’d expect. The striker likes to queue up with friends during the off-season or during holiday breaks, as any other guy would.

However, on 22 January, Jesus posted on Twitter that he had received a VAC ban and reached out to the Counter-Strike Twitter account for support.

The notion that Gabriel Jesus could be VAC Banned is a wild one even for the CS community. On closer inspection, the ban is a game ban, not a VAC ban. However, even this is odd considering game bans are given via Overwatch, the community cheat detection system. So far, in CS2, Overwatch is not accessible. Therefore, the ban is an automated ban from Valve.

Is the Game Ban Permanent?

The ban system is automated, and according to Steam Support, a game ban is not removable, and the reason is also not disclosed to the user. There are many criteria for a game ban, ranging from botting and cheating to manipulation of the matchmaking system or game servers. It is hard to assume Gabby would even consider such infringements, considering he only plays casually and his inventory is quite loaded. Nevertheless, we all know that Valve works in mysterious ways.

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