Why is Counter-Strike 2’s New Operation Taking so Long to Release?

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Valve is still silent on major content updates, including a CS2 Operation.

The release of Counter-Strike 2 was hyped but it resulted in being very underwhelming. The switch to a new engine gave players a lot of hope that new content would be pushed frequently. However, after almost 4 months, there is less content than there was in CS:GO.

The lack of updates has the community worried. The major content drops in Counter-Strike are given through Operations. The last operation was Operation Riptide, back in September 2021. So, for almost 3 years now, there has been no news of new content. More importantly, there is no CS2 Operation to be heard till now. So, where is it?

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The Issues With a CS2 Operation, Updates, and Content

Valve has worked on the Source 2 port for almost 3 years. The release of CS2 was a result of lots of labor and love from the developers. After a long period of beta testing, CS2 was released as a free upgrade to CS:GO. However, there were a lot of issues from the start. From net code issues to the infamous Micheal Jackson peek, there were a lot of issues with the state of the game. As a result, the developers had to focus on fixing the game.

Michel Jackson Peek
MJ Peek. Collected from theScoreEsports/ Credit u/thekappa27

However, it’s been months and the game is mostly in a playable state now. The updates, however, have slowly died down. What was once almost daily updates started to die down. Even the latest update to the game had a singular patch note, fixing a geometry error in Vertigo.

Will There Be A Major CS2 Update Soon?

While Valve works in mysterious ways, some on-lookers try to spot any changes in the game engine and what is being updated on SteamDB. After the latest vertigo patch, there was a new CS branch added to the engine, spotted on Steam DB.

This doesn’t necessarily prove that there is an update coming, but the signs are pointing towards something big. The Counter-Strike 2 Major is almost here, and people are speculating that a new update as well as a map pool change is on the horizon. However, these are all just speculation. Valve has been particularly quiet with their updates, making only the necessary changes to keep the game running smoothly.

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