All Useful Console Commands for Counter-Strike 2

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Credit: Valve

Adjust your game just like the best players using all the essential console commands in Counter-Strike 2

Valve’s flagship FPS game has gotten its sequel. Counter-Strike 2 is the final evolution of the long-standing Counter-Strike series. As the game matured, the individual parts of the game got more and more standardized. What was once a mod has fully turned into one of the most popular standalone games. One of the most defining as well as a bit frustrating features of the game is the use of the console.

Console commands in Counter-Strike 2 still exist, but they have been significantly toned down compared to previous iterations. This is Valve trying to modernize the game, removing the need to access the console for important gameplay features. Even then, there are some console commands that you should always keep in mind.

All Useful Console Commands for Counter-Strike 2
credit: valve

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What Console Commands are Important for Counter-Strike 2?

Currently, there aren’t that many commands in CS2 that you won’t find in the game settings. Most of the settings are either obsolete, an intended setting, or just plain removed. Even then, there are some that you might need.

Console CommandDescription
fps_max Sets FPS limit. A value of 0 will uncap it.
bind [action] [key]Binds any command to a key.
sv_cheats true/falseTurns on cheats in private servers.
sv_infinite_ammo <0-2>Configures Infinite ammo to be off, on, or just magazine reload.
noclipAllows you to traverse the map as a ghost.
cl_drawhud <0/1>Toggles the in-game HUD on or off.
cq_netgraph 1Displays latency data on-screen.
cl_showfps 4Shows more in-depth FPS information.
sv_rethrow_last_grenadeRethrows the last grenade that was thrown.
sv_grenade_trajectory [0/1]Thrown grenades show their trajectory.
changelevel <map code>Changes the level in private matches.
sensitivity <number>Changes your mouse sensitivity.
bot_kickRemoves all bots from the server.
bot_addAdds bots to the server.
volume <0-1>Adjusts the game’s master volume from 0 (muted) to 1 (max).
voice_modenable <0/1>Toggles voice chat on or off.
Some essential Console Commands

Valve intentionally removed a lot of the commands that people used. The most popular are cl_bob and cl_righthand. The vision is to streamline everything necessary in the native settings menu to make the game user-friendly. The community actively appreciates the change. Still, some of the removed commands were only client-sided. Therefore, the players felt they only added personalization to their game, and it wasn’t a gameplay feature that new players would struggle with. Nevertheless, Valve has the final say on what goes into the game.

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