All the Important Upcoming Counter-Strike 2 Tournaments in 2024

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: HLTV

With the scene resuming competition, be sure to not miss out on the most anticipated tournaments in Counter-Strike 2 for next year!

Valve released the much anticipated Counter-Strike 2 in September of 2023. Since its release, the game has received multiple updates and fixes. The majority of the player base is still demanding features that have been left behind. However, the competitive scene is up and running.

Viewers were expecting to see lots of changes at the top. Add that to the plethora of roster moves, and the new season can’t come soon enough. Keep an eye out for these tournaments in Counter-Strike 2 for the 2024 season!

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Best Counter-Strike 2 Tournaments to Watch in 2024

This will be the first full season for CS2. There are a lot of teams looking to dominate the scene and establish the first dynasty in the game. There are many opportunities to cement their legacy by the end of the first quarter, ending in the crown jewel of Counter-Strike, the Major.

Blast Premier Spring Groups

Teams: 12
Tier: S

The first Tier-1 event in 2024. This tournament has all of the partnered teams participating. So, the teams are all the fan favorites with their new rosters. There are bound to be some shenanigans as teams will look to experiment with their strategy and make their final adjustments before they start grinding for the Major.

Blast Premier Trophy
Tournament ParticularsDescription
Start Date22 January, 2024
End Date28 January, 2024
LocationCopenhagen, Denmark
Prize Pool$177,500

Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2024

Teams: 24
Tier: S

The final event before the major cycle. Teams will be on ice so they can avoid leaking their strats to their opponents. It’s bound to be a delicate balance while teams that have a worse chance of making it to the Major will roll the dice. The Spodek never disappoints!

IEM Katowice
Spodek Arena, Credit: ESL
Tournament ParticularsDescription
Start Date31 January, 2024
End Date11 February, 2024
LocationKatowice, Poland
Prize Pool$1,000,000

PGL Major Copenhagen

Teams: 24
Tier: Major

The biggest title any team can achieve. With stakes higher than ever, the team to win the PGL Major secures the title of the first champion of Counter-Strike 2. To become the best, the teams will look to beat the best and set the stage for a new era of CS2 esports.

PGL Antwerp Major 2022, Credit: HLTV
Tournament ParticularsDescription
Start Date17 March, 2024
End Date31 March, 2024
LocationCopenhagen, Denmark
Prize Pool$1,250,000

The first quarter of competitive Counter-Strike is shaping up to be iconic. Don’t miss out on the amazing fights in all the the up to the Major, where the kings of counter-strike 2 will be crowned!

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