CS:GO vs CS2 – What We Left Behind

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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The community is vocal about returning some of the missing features in Counter-Strike 2

The long-awaited move to source 2 for Global Offensive created a lot of hype. Counter-Strike was already one of the most popular FPS franchises in the industry. People expected a new era with updates and innovation, but instead, we got a game with more missing features in Counter-Strike 2.

With a heavier focus on the game’s competitive side, the casual player base fears that they are being left behind. The current game state is more focused on making the perfect Esport, rather than onboarding newer players. Valve has implied that these features will be returning once the base game has been ironed out.

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The Missing Features in Counter-Strike 2

It’s surprising that a sequel to a game as huge as CS:GO will ship with fewer available gameplay features. Some of these can be considered as Valve changing the landscape, while others are just perplexing. The entire player base is affected as missing links from CS:GO range from the very casual base to the competitive elite.

Danger Zone

This is the most surprising exclusion of them all. An entire game mode with its own dedicated fanbase is seemingly gone. Danger Zone was Valve’s answer to the Battle Royale hype. It was a unique experience and deviated heavily from the usual CS experience.

 A fast-paced battle royale game mode built on CS:GO’s tactical gameplay where players use their wits, skill, and resources to fight to the finish. Play solo, or work together as a squad of two or three!”

Danger Zone Counter-Strike
Danger Zone


An underrated part of the game is the flavor surrounding the maps and environment. Each map in CS:GO had its own relevant faction, tying the little lore the game had into something palpable. From the Balkan Faction on Train to the very iconic Elite Crew, opposing SEAL Team 6, GSG-9, and many other factions going head to head. Something the community feels will not be returning to the game anytime soon.

Faction Counter-Strike
Factions in CS:GO

Flying Scoutsman & Arms Race

More commonly known as “scoutzknivez”, this was a popular casual game mode for players. You only get a scout, a Zeus, and a vertically open map with extremely low gravity and high accuracy. Arms Race was Counter-Strike’s gun game. Spawn with a particular weapon and get frags to move yourself up the tiers. You win by getting a kill with the golden knife. A variant of the even more forgotten Demolition mode.

Arms Race Counter Strike
Team Leader Outlines in Arms Race

The initial gameplay trailers of CS2 showed baggage which is an arms race map. So, it is confusing why the game shipped without the playable game modes.

Left Hand and bob

These two commands only affected the player’s POV. These weren’t exactly gameplay-altering and only served to customize the experience for the individual. So, Valve removing them was unexpected.

cl_righthand 0 Counter-Strike
cl_righthand 0 in CS:GO

Will the Missing Features in Counter-Strike 2 Return?

Valve isn’t known to be the type of company to communicate directly. However, it is impossible to think Counter-Strike will thrive in its current state. There are a lot more features we have left out that are still missing in the game. However, it also cannot be denied that the game had some glaring issues, namely the net code and anti-cheat, that required immediate attention from Valve.

You also have to remember that Valve is actively trying to make the game more accessible to new players. The removal of launch commands from Steam indicates that they are keen to remove the gameplay features locked behind console commands. So, features like cl_bob might not return at all.

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