Apex Legends’ writer explains how he comes up with pickup lines for Watson

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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(Image credit: Respawn)

Apex legends is filled with a colorful cast of characters with deep backstories that are heavily influenced by the Titanfall games.

One of the things that make Apex Legends stand out from all the other battle royale game is their diverse cast of characters. Respawn gave each legend unique voice lines based upon their character traits when they interact with anything in the game.

The addition of these unique character-specific pickup lines gives each legend a bit more depth to their characters than your average battle royale game. From Bangalore to Mirage, these pickup lines reveal more subtle information about who they are as a person outside of the Apex games.

Watson Apex Legends pickup lines
Image via Respawn

Ever since Respawn introduced Watson as a new legend back in season 2 of Apex, she has been a fan favorite among Apex Legends fans. Furthermore, her charming personality mainly comes out through her pickup lines. Her lines are always filled with some kind of pun related to electricity.

Tom Casiello uses “Dad jokes” as a reference:

Tom Casiello is one of the writers at Respawn who is currently working on Apex Legends. Recently he explained in a tweet that he uses dad jokes for all those pickup lines for Watson.

Since Watson spent most of her life researching and experimenting, all of her voice lines usually feature some kind of pun related to being an electrical engineer. According to Tom, all of those are actually inspired by dad jokes. Almost every season players are greeted with some new voice line from Watson. Now you know where these lines come from.

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