Apex Legends Wraith Sanguine Skin Bundle: First Look, Price, Release Date, & More

Apex Legends’ Sanguine Skin bundle featuring Wraith has been revealed by prominent data miners.

Respawn usually releases a legend-specific skin bundle for each individual legend with almost every new season. These character-specific cosmetic bundles basically feature an exclusive legendary skin, a legendary weapon skin, and other goodies like banner or gun charms.

However, starting from Season 12, Respawn stopped featuring the previous Edition Bundles in the store. Loba Edition Bundle was the last Edition that Respawn released in the game. Previously, there was a rumor that a Wraith Edition was in development but following the removal of Editions, Respawn didn’t reveal any new details surrounding the bundle.

Yet, new leaks by data miners have revealed that a Wraith Edition has a fully developed model with a weapon skin and a gun charm, which actually proves that it is in fact a Wraith Edition that will most likely release very soon.

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Sanguine Wraith Bundle First Look

Respawn went with a ninja theme for the Wraith Edition bundle. At first look, the skin looks absolutely stunning. The black outfit with the hood gives Wraith a very discreet look. But the shiny red and black color contrast, blonde hair, and subtle design of the skin make the skin more gorgeous. The bundle will come with an R-99 skin and a Crossbow Charm.

Rift Stalker Wraith Skin

Rift Stalker Wraith Skin
Image via alphaINTEL

R99 Skin

Wraith Edition R99
Credit: SWL

Gun Charm

There will also be a Crossbow Charm for Wraith called Strike Solo.

Strike Solo
Credit EA

Sanguine Wraith Bundle Price:

The Sanguine Skin bundle will cost around 2500 Apex Coins. And it will include the R99 skin as well as a weapon charm.

Wraith Edition Skin Bundle Release Date:

The Sanguine Wraith Bundle bundle will be available with the release of season 13 of Apex Legends on May 10, 2022.

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