Apex Legends Bangalore “Apex Commander” Prestige skin: First Look, Price, Release Date, & More

Major Apex Legends leaks have revealed the next Prestige edition skin in the game, and it seems like Bangalore is the next in line to receive this premium skin treatment.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game based in the same universe as the Titanfall franchise. Despite facing intense competition from PUBG and Fortnite, Respawn managed to make a name of itself in the popular battle royale genre with Apex without any marketing.

Respawn successfully merged their world-class first-person shooter mechanics with hero-based abilities to near perfection. They became a household name in this genre and quickly garnered a massive concurrent player base.

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Like other games in the same genre, Respawn took the free-to-play model to monetize their first foray into the battle royale market. It turned out to be a great decision as it meant this game had no barrier to entry.

Although players can purchase battle passes, skins, emote, and more to customize their play sessions, the game only offered character skins up to legendary rarity. That all changed when Respawn released the very first Mythic rarity Prestige edition skin line with Bloodhound. And Bangalore will be the next Legend to receive her Prestige skin in the following Gaiden Thematic Event.

Bangalore “Prestige” skin

Unsurprisingly, Bangalore’s Prestige edition skin is based upon the Pilot uniform from the original Titanfall games and it will be called “Apex Commander”. And as this is a Mythic tier skin tailor-made for Bangalore, the dev team at Respawn made the right call with the design aesthetic.

Phase 1:

Bangalore Prestige Skin Phase 1:
Image via u/5849373-throwaway

Similar to the Bloodhound skin, the Pilot Bangalore skin seems to have three phases. The starting one will look awfully similar to any other basic-looking legendary skin. However, with the next phase, Bangalore will receive a facemask that definitely adds another layer to the skin.

Phase 2:

Bangalore Prestige Skin Phase 2
Image via u/5849373-throwaway

And lastly, the last phase will turn Bangalore into a full-fledged pilot with a unique-looking helmet covering her face.

Phase 3:

Bangalore Prestige Skin Phase 3
Image via u/5849373-throwaway

Players will need to accumulate certain damage numbers on their accounts to unlock additional levels of the skin, although the exact requirements have not been revealed yet.

Apex Commander Execution

Bangalore “Prestige” Skin Price:

The Bloodhound Prestige skin was available during the Anniversary Collection Event in Season 12. However, this time Respawn is taking a different approach. Instead of putting the Bangalore Mythic Skin in the Collection Event, they are making this skin available in the Hero Anime “Gaiden” thematic Event. Players can unlock this skin by collecting all the items from the thematic event.

Based on previous Prestige edition skin releases, expect players to spend around 160$ to add this skin to their inventory. Or they can pray to the RNG gods by purchasing event-specific Apex packs.

Bangalore “Prestige” Skin Release Date:


As mentioned earlier, Bangalore Prestige Skin will be released on the Gaiden “Hero Anime” Thematic Event, which will take place in July. However, Respawn hasn’t revealed the exact date yet. As soon as they announce the exact date, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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