Apex Legends: Fan-made Concept for Crypto’s Passive Makes Too Much Sense to Ignore

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Crypto has seen both sides of the aisle when it comes to his place in the character meta of Apex Legends.

Crypto was released back in 2019, when Respawn used to severely nerf new legends before launching them. Crypto finally had a chance to shine back in season 5 when Respawn buffed all the legends in the recon class.

Following the buffs, he steadily started to climb both the pick rate and the win rate in Apex Legends. Players of almost all skill levels started to experiment with Crypto, and it turns out he was actually really useful in specific scenarios.

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Crypto Passive Ideas

Right now, in season 8, Crypto is pretty useful and practical in most cases. However, Crypto would be much more effective in gathering more useful information about his opponents if this new passive idea that an Apex fan came up with for Crypto were to become reality.

Similar to how Loba can see loot above certain levels through loot bins, this concept shows that if Crypto can see the armor levels of his opponents with the help of his drone, then it would give him so much valuable information. Later, he can efficiently relay that information to his teammates.

Since information is power, this would make him so much more useful in games. Knowing the exact armor level of your opponents without firing a single bullet at them will help you choose your opponents more carefully and help you prepare in advance.

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Hopefully, Respawn can implement this passive concept in the real game. In the past, Respawn has taken some of the fan ideas regarding legend abilities and implemented them in the actual game following rigorous playtesting.

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