Apex Legends Streamer Trashes His Wife and Mocks Her Accent on Live Stream

An Apex Legend streamer was caught mocking and belittling his wife on live stream following a typical in-game incident.

It’s not unusual for people to have a bad day and get upset while playing a competitive game such as Apex Legends. However, screaming at your significant other or humiliating them for a minor in-game incident in a live stream seems just too much.

An Apex Legends streamer who goes by the name officialglockoma was playing ranked with his wife, who also happens to be a streamer on Twitch. After they got their squad wiped by another team, he lashed out and started yelling at his wife without giving her a fair chance to speak.

According to a previous report from Dexerto, this is not the first time he did it on stream. He did a similar thing on the live stream before, where he yelled at his wife, followed by sexist comments like, “This is part of why women have such trouble in games. Your mentality is based on emotions.”

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Sexist Apex Streamer Trashes His Wife Once Again

Immediately after his latest incident on Twitch, his followers were concerned for his wife and called him out in the Twitch chat. Instead of apologizing, he added more controversial comments that made people more infuriated.

“You wanna know more about my wife and the country she is from? And how she knows how women are actually treated compared to the free world of Western society? Why don’t you go to her channel and f**king ask her? You all need a big reality check, man!” he said to the twitch chats.

However, that wasn’t it. He was also caught mocking and humiliating her wife’s pronunciation in the live stream. His wife later deleted the video from her Twitch. However, a user named David Purcell shared the specific clip in question.

This behavior from the husband raised a lot of concern in the Apex Legends community. Although the husband claims that ”he treats his wife amazingly,” the reality seems a little bit different. Nonetheless, time will tell if Twitch or Respawn does anything about this whole situation.

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