Apex Legends season 4 will completely overhaul ranked with a new Master tier

Ranked spit into two

Apex Legends developer recently in a dev stream announced a new season for Apex Legend. The upcoming season will see a huge change in the ranked mode with two splits in two different maps.

The new season will see a huge change in the ranked modes. Unlike previous season where ranked mode would run for the entire battle pass season. This time the ranked mode will have two splits. Players will see Kings Canyon ranked return in the middle of season 4.

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Two Splits in Ranked Mode

Ranked mode in two splits
Courtesy of Respawn Intertainment

From Feb 3-Mar 23 there will be split 1 where you will play ranked mode in the world’s edge. And after March 23 the 2nd split will begin. The second split will be held in your beloved Kings Canyon. This is the first time Respawn has made a split in ranked mode during a whole season.

After each spit, there will be a soft rank reset. So players will have more incentive to grind to get their desired rank.

New Master Tier

Master tier
Courtesy of Respawn Intertainment

Players who reach over 10,000 ranking points will automatically reach mastery tier. But only the top 500 players in that master tier will receive Predator ranking. So, if you reach predator you can be dethroned by other players who have more RP than you. Only the top 500 players across each platform will have a predator rank.

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In order to stay in the predator, you will need to keep up with the ranking points because you can lose predator rank. Devs said that it will incentivize players to keep up their predator grind.

There will also be some badge change in the new ranked season. It will depend upon your rank in two splits. And according to your overall rank, the game will give you different tier badges. Players can’t wait to join the new ranked mode in the upcoming new season.


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