Apex Legends Season 20 “Breakout” Battle Pass

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Season 20 “Breakout” is here with all new premium items, cosmetics, and a revamped Battle Pass.

Respawn has been going strong with the constant updates to Apex Legends. The popular Battle Royale game is entering its 20th season with all-new goodies for the player base.

Their ‘freemium’ model pays dividends as the cosmetic items in Apex Legends are more popular than ever. This time, Season 20’s Battle Pass includes new cosmetic items, sky emotes, banners, seasonal trackers, music packs, and more to keep things fresh. Here’s everything you need to know about Breakout.

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Season 20 “Breakout” Battle Pass First Look

Apex Legends is going with a unique approach with this season’s Battle Pass theme. Based on the shared cosmetics of Bangalore and Lifeline, the theme clearly seems to be inspired by Mortal Combat. However, the main attraction of this season’s Battle Pass will be the reactive R99 skin.

Premium Rewards


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Reactive Skin: R99 SMG

Apex Legends featured two reactive R99 skins in Season 7. However, due to the SMG’s popularity, the developers are bringing the R99 skins back again as reactive skin rewards in Season 20 Premium Battle Pass. Players can unlock these skins by reaching 100 and 110 Breakout Battle Pass levels.

Skydive Emote

Free Rewards

Even without buying the Battle Pass, players can still unlock many rewards as they level up. At any point, the Pass can be purchased and all Premium Rewards up to that level will be automatically redeemed.

You can unlock a Pathfinder Character Skin, 7 Apex Packs, 11 Weapon Skins, 4 Load Screens, Win Trackers for all Legends, 2 Music Packs, 200 Apex Coins, Season Badge.

Season 20 Breakout Battle Pass Price

Expect to pay around 950 Apex coins to unlock the season 20 Battle Pass, which equals approximately $10 based on previous Battle Passes.

Season 20 Breakout Battle Pass Release Date

The Battle Pass will be released alongside Season 20 on February 13, 2024.

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