Apex Legends Season 15 Eclipse Release Date with Time Zones

The new season 14 of Apex Legends ends soon, and Respawn has already revealed a lot of information regarding the upcoming season 15 of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is a live service title that follows the tried and tested freemium model. So, in this model, Respawn introduces new seasonal content such as new legends, maps, battle passes, ranked rewards, and more to keep the player base engaged.

And keeping up with tradition, in season 15 Eclipse, Respawn revealed a new legend Catalyst, a new steller Divided Moon Map, a new battle pass, and more. Aside from these usual additions, Respawn also decided to add a new gifting system in the game that will basically allow players to gift items to their friends.

In short, You will be able to gift up to 5 items every 24 hours straight from the Apex Store. Unfortunately, as of now, very little is still known about the new season as leaks have been quite airtight in this season. Understandably, players are excited to try out all the new content Respawn has in store for them in the upcoming season 15 of Apex Legends.

Apex Season 15 Release Date

Apex Legends Season 15 Eclipse will launch on:

  • November 1, at exactly 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT / 5 pm GMT / 6 pm CET.
  • November 2, at exactly 1 am CST/ 2 am JST/ 4 am AEDT/ 6 am NZDT.
Apex Season 15 Release Date
Image via EA

Understandably, players are excited and afraid of all the launch day server issues that have become synonymous with new Apex updates. Hopefully, Respawn took enough precautions for a smooth launch to the new season.

Just a friendly reminder that players who haven’t finished their battle pass up to level 110 yet, it is time. The current Season 14 features two legendary reactive Spitfire skins exclusive to this season only. And it won’t be available in the future. So, it is now or never.

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