Apex Legends Ranked Season 7: release date, new map Olympus, crossplay, ranked reset, and split dates

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Respawn just revealed all the new changes that are coming for the new ranked season 7 of Apex Legends.

With the start of the new season on November 4th, players will be enjoying cross-platform ranked matches. Since implementing cross-play correctly in a ranked environment would be difficult, Respawn won’t be making any new fundamental changes to how ranked matches works in the game.

The new season 7 will also come with a new map called Olympus. Respawn already teased Olympus in the last season of Apex Legends. Apex Legends Players will be finally getting another map besides Worlds Edge and Kings Canyon. And Kings Canyon will be removed from the ranked matches to ensure competitive integrity.


  • We’ll cover the Season 6 distribution data, and discuss the health of Ranked Leagues.
  • There’s a new map in rotation! The first split will be played on Olympus, then we’ll move to World’s Edge. King’s Canyon will be out of the rotation this season but will return at a later date!
  • No large system changes for Ranked Leagues this season (We spent more time focusing on crossplay this season).
  • And a quick look at how Ranked Leagues work with crossplay.

Season 6 Results

Here’s a quick recap of our goals for Ranked and a look at some of the Season 6 results. The distribution continues to look good, and the ranked resets are creating motion and competition at the top end of the ladder.

  • Create a true measure of skill in Apex Legends
    As of 10/21/2020, we have the following distribution among players in Split 2 who played more than 5 hours of Ranked (versus Season 5):
    • 17.76% Bronze (16.21%)
    • 26.23% Silver (22.83%)
    • 36.25% Gold (33.7%)
    • 17.75% Platinum (18.21%)
    • 1.89% Diamond (2.51%)
    • 0.12% Master & Apex Predator (0.2%)
    This shows that Diamond and higher ranks have returned to the same distribution as Season 4, after seeing a slight inflation during Season 5. Overall we continue to monitor the distribution of players but feel this distribution is working. Additionally, the popularity of ranked continues to grow. We’re seeing ranked matches taking between 25% and 45% of all games played depending on time of day, region, limited time mode availability, and time since the last reset.

Season 6 Rewards

Here’s a preview of the Season 6 ranked rewards you’ll be earning when the Season changes.

Season 6 Rewards
Image via Respawn

Season 7 Ranked Reset And Split Dates

Since this season brings a new map to the games, we’ll be starting with Olympus, then moving to World’s Edge in the second split, with the planned split reset on December 15, 2020. King’s Canyon will sit this season out for ranked play but will return in a later season!

Ranked Leagues and Crossplay

Now that crossplay is launched, console players that are opted in to crossplay will matchmake against all other console players. Everyone in the pool is still sorted by total RP count as usual. This increased player population should help keep matchmaking times short.

For Master and Apex Predator players, playing Ranked matches will earn you RP for your current platform, e.g. if you are a PS4 Apex Predator playing with PC friends, the RP you score count toward your rank only on PS4, even though there are PC players in the matches with you.

Seems like Respawn will be heavily focusing on making ranked matchmaking evenly balanced on all the available platforms. Since cross-play is still fairly new, Respawn plans to focus entirely on cross-play in season 7 to ensure fair play.

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