Apex Legends players figured out a way to get into the vaults without a key

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

With the introduction of the World’s Edge map back in season 3, Respawn introduced vaults in Apex Legends where players can find high tier loot.

In order to get into these vaults, players have to find a key first. These red keys are usually in the cargo bots that are scattered throughout the whole map. After finding one of the cargo bots with the keys, players have to go to the vaults and unlock them using the keys.

Apex Legends entering vaults without keys

Vault doors are different from all the other doors in the game. Since every other door in the game can be destroyed by kicking them twice, these vault doors can only be unlocked by the keys.

Players shows how to get into the vaults without keys:

However, as it turns out, a player somehow figured out an exploit with the new Legend Rampart that enabled players to get into these vaults without any keys. Furthermore, players can not only get into the vaults without the keys but also can steal all the good loots for themselves and leave the vaults in one piece.

Basically, this trick requires Rampart’s Amped wall combined with Revenant’s ultimate to make the heist possible. These players somehow found a bug that lets them get into the vault using the death totem’s respawn feature.

Additionally, this little trick can be used to get into the highly contested loot vaults without any real risks. Hopefully, the QA team at Respawn can patch this weird exploit very soon. Until then vaults all around the World’s Edge map will be keep getting robbed.

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