Apex Legends player uses the Geyser to pull off this 200 IQ self revive on the Words Edge map

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Respawn added the Word’s Edge map into the map pool with the introduction of season 3 of Apex legends.

One of the unique addition to the World’s Edge map was the Geysers that players can use to make a quick escape. It was a very handy addition to the new map that would sometimes let players with very low HP somehow escape from the wrath of the enemy third parties.

Apex Legends Geyser escape
Image via Respawn

A Reddit user u/TheNooiceFellow just showed off this incredible high IQ self revive in front of the enemy while being in the Geyser. Basically, this player was using the Geyser as a cover while he/she was self-reviving with a gold knockdown shield. And later used the Geyser as a quick escape while the enemy team was super confused about what exactly was going on.

Reddit user shows off how to self-revive properly:

The combination of the Geyser as a cover and the gold knockdown shield really worked in his/her favor to make this daring escape possible. Next time if a player gets knocked near a Geyser with a gold knockdown shield they can easily use the geyser as cover while they self-revive and use the speed boost from the Geyser itself to make a quick escape.

While it may not always work, the slight chance that the opponents might lose track in the geyser is still a wonderful prospect. Level designers at Respawn always create some unique ways to get around the map a little bit quicker. And the addition of these geysers just made for some crazy outplay opportunity like this one.

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