Apex Legends player shows why it is not a good idea to use invisible revive while Lifeline’s drone is near

In season 5 of Apex Legends, Respawn decided to rework how Mirage works in Apex Legends in order to make him more compelling for players.

One of the new changes that Respawn gave Mirage was the ability to perform invisible revive. And as a result, Mirage players were starting to use this invisible revive to safely pick up their teammates before they get third partied.

Mirage invisible revive lifeline drone
Image via Respawn

However, as it turns out, if Mirage players try to revive a downed teammate while Lifelines drone is nearby, it will automatically attach itself with the invisible Mirage even though he is invisible. And this exact incident happened to an Apex Legends player u/swungstingray.

Lifeline’s drone snitches:

Basically, this clip clearly showcases why it isn’t a good idea to use an invisible revive while a lifeline drone is near and your HP is not full. Unfortunately for this Mirage player, this DOC drone snitched and revealed his position to the enemies. Consequently, he became an easy kill for the third party.

After the Mirage buff/rework back in season 5, it is really common to see Mirage players in the Apex arena more than ever before. While before the rework, only a handful of people used to play Mirage exclusively as their main. Although right now in season 6, things are quite different as Characters like Mirage and Bloodhounds are the new meta.

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