Apex Legends Player Shows off How to Survive a Fuse Ultimate Ability

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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A really crafty player revealed a trick to survive an ultimate ability from Fuse in Apex Legends, provided you are playing a non-movement-based character in the game.

Note: You are reading an old article from 2022. So, the information may not be up-to-date.

Respawn Entertainment entered the highly competitive battle royale video game market with Apex Legends when other big names like PUBG and Fortnite used to rule at the very top. Despite the harsh competition, Respawn’s first foray into the battle royale genre was a massive success both commercially and critically.

Aside from polished FPS mechanics and an innovative contextual pinging system, Respawn also introduced hero shooter-like abilities and character systems to this genre. All of these factors combined together made it stand out from the sea of other games in the same category.

Over the years, Respawn has added new characters to the game with each new seasonal release to spice things up for players. In the current state of the game, there are a lot of new Legends, all with their unique skill set. As such, it has become crucial for players to learn exactly how each of these abilities works and, most importantly, how to deal with them.

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Counter Fuse’s Ultimate

One Reddit user ‘Quokkain’ has come across a pretty nifty trick to counter Fuse’s ultimate ability, ‘The Motherlode,’ which basically traps targeted players inside a circle of fire. This player’s advice is to simply outheal the damage taken from the fire.

To survive a Fuse Ultimate, players will need a phoenix kit and a shield battery. If you have these healing items in your arsenal, you can literally tank a complete Fuse ultimate and still survive to tell the tale.

While it is just better to use characters like Wraith, Horizon, Pathfinder, and other movement-focused legends to make an escape, if you are playing as other legends or abilities are under cooldown it might be worthwhile to out heal the damage taken from the fire.

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