Apex Legends player came up with a clever hop-up concept to declutter the loot pool in the game

This should make the loot pool even better

With season 6 of Apex Legends, Respawn introduced crafting for the first time in the game.

Crafting basically allows players to craft the exact weapon that they want using crafting materials scattered throughout the map. While this crafting system was mostly well-received, the game still has a loot pool problem where some players feel like there are just too many hop-ups in the game.

Apex Legends attachments declutter concepts
Image via se7en.ws

An Apex Legends player u/O0804 shared a clever hop-up concept that would significantly make the loot pool in the game way better. Currently, there are 7 hop-ups in the game all with different rarity levels. Basically, this player suggests combining hop-ups with similar characteristics together so that the loot pool in the game can be less cluttered.

Combining hop-ups together:

Image via u/O0804

Additionally, this new hop-up concept shows that Respawn can actually combine hop-ups with the same characteristics like modifying the ammunition or modifying the fire mode all into only two different types of hop-ups.

Furthermore, the introduction of only two of these hop-ups would make it significantly easier for players to find the exact attachment that they want. However, this concept still has some major flaws as reducing hop-ups of different rarity into only one might actually interfere with the game balance.

Since players don’t want everyone in the same lobby to run around with devotions paired with the turbochargers, there is a fundamental flaw with this idea. Although Respawn can still implement this idea partially by combining different hop-ups with the same rarity together into one. Therefore, it should at least eliminate the rarity problem and enable the developers to manipulate the drop rate of these hop-ups to keep the game balanced.


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