Apex Legends’ New LTM Control: How it Works, Release Date, & More

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Credit: Respawn/EA

Out of multiple LTMs, Control is one of the most popular game modes in Apex Legends.

Note: You are reading an old article from 2022. So, the information may not be up-to-date.

Apex Legends Season 12 “Defiance” was released on February 8, 2022. We got a new Legend “Mad Maggie,” a brand new battle pass, a new ranked season, map changes, and many more things with the update.

Another thing Respawn promised was a new LTM that was also released with the new season. The name of the LTM is “Control.” Respawn was also kind enough to release some information about the “Control” LTM. So, here you will find all the information regarding the Control LTM, including its release date, how it works, and more.

Apex Legends Season 12 Control LTM
Credit: Respawn

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Apex Legends LTM Control

First Look

“This time, you’re not just fighting alongside your squadmates; you’re fighting alongside eight other players for control of various strongholds throughout the Outlands.

Death isn’t the end of the road in Control (so remember not to hammer that “Leave Match” button). That’s right, you always respawn. In fact, you’ll respawn every time you die—and fairly quickly too. Use this as an opportunity to try different strategies, try new weapons, or think of new ways to play. Control is all about experimentation and letting you play with all of the tools Apex has to offer, knowing that if a flanking maneuver doesn’t work, you can always try again.

While choosing your spawn, you can also change Legends or load-outs to switch up your playstyle. The battlefield shifts quickly, and you need to be able to adapt. Whether you’re sniping from a distance or you’re rushing the zone with a heavy LMG, changing your Legend or Loadout is an opportunity to adjust your strategy. You can also choose different optics for your preferred style of play.”

All Control Maps

The available Control maps are:

  • Hammond Labs on Olympus
  • Caustic Treatment on Kings Canyon
  • Production Yard on Broken Moon
  • Barometer on Storm Point
  • Lava Siphon on World’s Edge

Release Date

The “Control” LTM was released simultaneously with Apex Legends Season 12 “Defiance” on February 8, 2022.

How it Works

When the match begins, matchmaking will divide players into two teams, each with nine members.

Two teams of 9 players will compete to earn points for their team. Legends can earn points for their own team by controlling set locations on the map. The longer a team holds a position, the more points they earn. The team with the most points at the end of the match will be crowned victorious.

“Owning a zone earns you points every second, and the more zones you own, the more points you earn every second. The first team to reach the score limit of 1,000 wins.”

control map apex

“Sometimes, Timed Events will shake up where the action is.

Capture Bonuses will place a one-time point award on a selected zone and start a countdown timer. The team that owns this zone, when the timer hits zero, will earn a large amount of points. These bonuses concentrate attack/defend gameplay around a valuable zone and shift your attention around the battlefield. 

Airdrops are opportunities to grab powerful crate weapons to give you a damage output advantage, but watch out because they’ll run out of ammo if you’re too trigger-happy.”

“By default, players can always spawn on their Home Base. If you own the zone closest to your Home Base, this will become your Forward Operating Base, and you’ll be able to spawn there instead, closer to the frontline. You’re only allowed to spawn on zones that have a direct connection to your Home Base.”

“If you own the center zone, you’ll be able to spawn there if you also own your FOB. This is how the central zone has a direct connection to reinforcements from the home base. This also means if you own the central zone but you lose control of your FOB, you will lose the ability to spawn on either zone. This makes back-capping a powerful strategy for a team to divert attention from one zone to another and orchestrate a push for a capture.”

Total Control

“Owning all three zones at once is a difficult feat to accomplish, but if your team can pull it off it opens up a powerful position that may let you end the game early. Once a team successfully controls all three zones at once, the match goes into Lockout.

Lockout starts a timer, and the controlling team can hold the lockout until the timer reaches zero; they will immediately win the game. However, if the team that is locked out can successfully regain control over any zone, they will abort the lockout, and the game will resume as normal. Holding all of the points is a powerful point-earning opportunity for the team that controls the lockout, but holding all three zones for an extended period of time is a tricky proposition that only the most skilled and coordinated teams will be able to pull off.”

Ratings Legends

“Ratings are broken up into tiers – blue, purple, and gold. Each tier is progressively harder to earn but grants you more powerful weapons. Every time you gain a tier you’ll also earn your ultimate to make use of your Legends ability in powerful ways. Once you’ve hit the max tier, you can continue earning Ratings to earn more ultimate charges, even if your loadout has been maxed out.

When you die, your Ratings will reset, and you’ll have to earn them back in your next life.

Kills don’t matter as much when everyone can just respawn, so in place of the Kill Leader, the player with the highest Rating will be the Ratings Leader, the player who is really doing the most. Killing the Ratings Leader can boost your own Ratings, and when the Ratings Leader dies, you’ll have to exceed the Ratings they had as a leader if you want to take their place.”

Ratings Legends

Ratings Legends


Senior Community Manager of Apex, Karen, explained how matchmaking and queueing with friends work. Players can queue as a team of 3 and match with 2 other squads to form a 9-man team.

It’s basically a 9 Vs. 9 game mode where the team that can capture the most control points wins. There are unlimited respawns in this game mode, so don’t be afraid to take risks.

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