New Apex Legends Leak Confirms that Season 7 Reactive R99 will Also Get a Recolor Soon

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: EA

Following the introduction of the popular Heat Sink Flatline recolor, a recent leak from data miners confirms that the Season 7 R99 will also receive a recolor variant soon.

One of Apex Legends’ biggest appeals is the refreshing cosmetic items that Respawn offers to its players. These cosmetic items are made available through various events, stand-alone sales, the Battle Pass, and other means.

Players enjoy these cosmetic items because they bring a degree of variety to the game. However, not all skins are created equally. Despite their uniqueness and variation, some skins stand out from the crowd.

The Reactive Battle Pass skins are one example of such skins. These skins not only look outstanding but are also relatively rare. Because, unlike other skins, they never appear in the store rotation. However, Respawn has suddenly started bringing them back.

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Season 7 Reactive R99 to Get a Recolor

It was previously made clear by Respawn that the Battle Pass reactive skins would never return to the game. However, Respawn proved it untrue by releasing the Jadeite Retribution Peacekeeper, a recolor of the Season 3 Battle Pass reactive PK, during the Season 16 Celestial Sunrise Collection Event.

Sure, releasing a reactive skin recolor during the Collection Event was one exception. However, Respawn did not abandon its plan of reintroducing these skins entirely. As evidenced by Season 20, Respawn is literally giving away the Season 4 Flatline Reactive Flatline recolor skin for absolutely free!

While players are already thrilled with Respawn for giving them the greatest Flatline skin in the game for free, a new leak has surfaced indicating that Season 7 Reactive R99 is in the game files.

Season 7 Reactive R99 to Get a Recolor
credit: thordan smash

The image was shared by Thordan Smash, a prominent leaker in the community. Although you may think that the color just looks like the S7 R99 reactive skin, upon further examination, you can notice the skin name, which is “r99_react_v20_ascension_rt02.” The rt02 indicates it is a recolor version of the original.

When will the R99 Reactive Recolor Release?

When will the R99 Reactive Recolor Release?
credit: hypermyst

Apart from Thordan, the fact that it was a recolor was also confirmed by the leaker, HYPERMYST. The leaker also mentioned that the recolor version of the Reactive R99 will be coming “soon.” So, it is likely that, similar to Season 20, the upcoming season will reward the players with this skin for completing specific seasonal challenges. However, as this is just a leak, it is better to take it with a grain of salt.

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