Apex Legends fans call for a fix to Revenant’s character animation

Players in the Apex Legends community have banded together to show their frustration towards Respawn for not using unique character animation for Revenant.

Revenant was released back in season 4 of Apex Legends. Despite his disappointing launch, many in the community fell in love with his unique antics and over-the-top edgy personality. In the Apex universe, Revenant is considered to be the embodiment of death itself.

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Respawn usually does a phenomenal job when it comes to animating their characters to life. However, fans are not happy knowing the devs might have reused Caustic’s animation on Revenant. It is more apparent in the third-person perspective in the shooting range.

Fans want Respawn to fix Revenant’s animation

Every character in the game has unique moving animations. Even Revenant used to have a pretty creepy-looking character animation that was later removed due to game balance. According to developers, this unique Revenant animation made him much harder to hit so they had to remove it to keep the game balanced.

During the testing phase, Respawn tried different versions of these creepy-looking animations for Revenant, but later they decided to remove it from the game altogether. Meaning Revenant was nerfed in the most unexpected of ways before his official launch.

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Now, fans want a revamp of his whole animation framework to properly showcase his unique deadly personality. Respawn hasn’t made any comment regarding this new movement by passionate fans.

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