Apex Legends experienced its lowest 30-day average player count in more than 2 years

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Apex Legends is going through a tough time as it sees a continuous drop in player count.

Without a doubt, Apex Legends is among the greatest Battle Royale FPS games ever made. The flawless implementation of the hero shooter aspect in a Battle Royale environment attracted both FPS and BR players to the game.

Five thriving years have passed since Apex Legends was released, and a lot has improved since then. But as of late, Apex has been underdelivering in terms of content, which has detrimentally impacted the overall number of players in the game.

Apex player count June 2024

According to Steamcharts data, Apex Legends only had 144,105 daily average players in the last 30 days, which is the lowest since December 2021, when the average daily player number was recorded at 122,108.

Although two similar low player counts [144,447 and 146,164] were also recorded in December 2023 and January 2024, they quickly recovered in the next few months. However, with all the server issues and lack of content, it may be really hard for Apex Legends to make a comeback this season.

The upcoming Double Take Collection Event is likely to help restore just a small percentage of the player base. However, it is expected that this will not be enough for Apex Legends to reclaim its former glorious days. The way Apex is moving forward, it only seems plausible that the game will have an even lower player count in July 2024.

Apex Legends will introduce a new map called District in Season 22. The launch of the season will attract old players to try out the new map. However, Respawn needs more than just a map release to make players stay in the game.

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