ImperialHal Calls out Verhulst for Creating an Unnecessary TSM Drama for Views

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By Nazmul Hassan
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A drama is steering among the old TSM roster as Verhulst and ImperialHal call out each other. Hal says Verhulst is doing this for views.

On June 3’s Apex After Hours podcast, Verhulst was asked how TSM’s new coach has been doing with the new team. In the reply, Verhulst brought Raven up to compare with the new coach and said how Raven fell off as a coach at the end of their run. Moreover, he added that Raven lost a bit of passion toward the end. Hearing this, Raven understandably became quite upset. Raven later defended these allegations in his own livestream and said that it was disrespectful and unfair for Verhulst to bring them up.

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Verhulst later responded to Raven’s video and said that what he said about Raven was true, but the way he worded it was extreme. While he was talking about Raven, he also brought up ImperialHal and how he was the only player who was passionate about the game until the end. However, Verhulst also said that Hal had always been an annoying player to play with and how it had affected both Reps and Verhulst’s performance. “Playing with Hal sucks,” said Verhulst.

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Imperialhal, later in his stream, called out Verhulst, saying that it’s just cringe to bring these things up now, and he [Verhulst] is doing it just for views and clicks. Hal also defended Raven in his stream, saying that he [Raven] could not do anything more if two players in the team did not put much effort. In the end, Imperialhal also said that he would still be friends with Reps and Verhulst unless they gave him any reason not to be.

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