Apex Legends data miner suggests damaging the trident will also inflict damage to the players

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Respawn recently revealed the gameplay trailer of Apex Legends season 7 which will introduce a new legend, map, and Trident.

Apex Legends players were already hyped about the existence of a new map called Olympus. On top of that Respawn also decided to include hoverbike with season 7. Vehicles have never been added to the game but that will change with the start of season 7.

The announcement of Trident was met with mostly positive feedback among the community. However, some did show their concern regarding Trident becoming too overpowered if it could inflict damages to the players.

Trident in Apex Legends
Screen shot via Respawn

Turns out, that won’t be an issue with Trident as vehicles won’t actually deal any damage to the players. Instead, Trident will simply boop players out of the way. Another concern among the players was regarding how they will deal with the trident.

How to deal with Trident in Apex Legends

Shrugtal who is a pretty reliable data miner suggests that the Trident apparently has no HP. Instead, damaging the Trident will deal a smaller percentage of that damage to everyone currently in the vehicle.

Basically, that means Trident should be fairly balanced as players won’t be able to damage other players using the hoverbike. And at the same time, damaging the Trident will also inflict damage to the players that are still in the hoverbike. As a result, the Trident should be well balanced once it comes out on November 4th with the new season 7 of Apex Legends.

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