Apex Legends Community Launches “Operation: Fresh, New, Different” and Demands Respawn to Listen to Them

Following the continuous stale seasonal content, Apex Community just launched a “Fresh New Different” operation, hoping Respawn would listen to them this time.

Although Apex Legends’ total player base increased in the past few seasons, Eclipse showed a very different scenario. Typically, players get very excited after every new season launch due to new and exciting content released in the game.

However, Apex Legends has been failing to give the community any exciting new content for the last few seasons causing players to get bored and disappointed with the game. So, players have had enough of this and demand Respawn to listen to community feedback to make the game better.

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Operation: Fresh, New, Different

Apex Legends is infamous for not listening to community feedback while creating its content. Although players used to get tons of new and exciting content before, things have become too repetitive for the last couple of seasons.

So, a Reddit user named u/NizzyDeniro pointed out some common issues that Respawn has overlooked for eternity. Players have been asking for new LTMs, Permanent Game modes, and better servers for a long time. However, Respawn never listened.

So, the user proposed an FND or Fresh New Different Movement, “We want a FRESH meta for Characters and guns, NEW modes and LTMs, and DIFFERENT content experiences playing Apex which includes better, smoother servers.”

So, it looks like the community just wants Respawn to listen to them instead of forcing repetitive content into the game. And this time, the community wants Respawn to really listen to their feedback instead of completely ignoring them. The user also mentions that “this is a peaceful movement. Not a means to harass Respawn or EA.”

The user requests the community to trend some specific hashtags, such as #APEXFND #FRESHNEWDIFFERENT #APEXLEGENDSFND to raise awareness regarding this.

A similar event called NOAPEXAUGUST was also about to take place on August 2022. However, nothing happened as the new Season Hunted was released that month. Nevertheless, this post currently has more than 8.3k upvotes, and many players are supporting this movement.

Additionally, rather than attempting to boycott Apex Legends, this initiative is proposed to improve the game’s quality of life. Despite the fact that many players think nothing will change, many players still hold out hope that certain things will improve.

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