Apex Legends: all the finishers in the third-person perspective

All the finishers combined into one clip

One of the most unique things about Apex Legends that helped it stand out from the endless sea of battle royale games was the addition of character-specific finishers that players can perform on downed enemies.

Later Respawn added the ability to actually recover shields as a reward for performing a finisher on a downed opponent. This was previously only available to golden body shields. Respawn totally reworked some gold loots for the better.

Apex Legends Finishers
Image via Respawn

The addition of these finishers gives each legend unique style points and players an opportunity to express themselves. Since these finishers are usually character-specific, players can choose between multiple finishers that give killing your opponents with style a completely different meaning.

All the finishers in third person:

With the addition of an Easter egg in the training, players have the opportunity to look at their player model via a third-person perspective. An Apex fan who unlocked all the different variations of these finishers for all the legend decided to make a video to see how they all look from the third-person perspective in the training yard.

And surprising no one, it literally looks like “fatality” from the mortal combat series of video games. Nonetheless, they look insanely cool and functional at the same time. With the last few reworks, Respawn has finally made these finishers super worthwhile.

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