Annie and Twisted Fate are the mages to receive buffs in patch 10.10

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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A couple of Mid changes are on the horizon with Annie and Twisted Fate buff, while Katarina and Diana are getting nerfs in patch 10.10.

Although Riot Scruffy announced they are nerfing the mid-lane as it carries too much power now, they are still buffing Annie and Twisted Fate, as position changes are pushed back to a later patch for further testing.

Today, Mark “Scruffy” Yetter previewed their plans for patch 10.10, where a couple of mid-lane champions are being targeted. Annie and Twisted Fate are receiving buffs, while AP assassins like Katarina and Diana are receiving nerfs.

Annie Buffs Patch 10.10

  • E: Damage reduction 10/13/16/19/22% > 13/17/21/25/29%
  • R: Aura damage 10/15/20 (+0.1 ability power) > 20/30/40 (+0.12 ability power)

Annie is a type of champion that is very unpopular among League of Legends players unless they are one-trick. She is also rarely seen in the high elo games. She currently only has a 1% pick rate, which clearly shows how badly she needed this buff.

Twisted Fate Buffs Patch 10.10

  • Base stats: AD 49.954 > 52
  • R: Mana cost 150 > 100

Twisted Fate might not be as unpopular as Annie, but he struggles against other mid-lane assassins. He has an average win rate in the Skill (Plat-Diamond) elo but a terrible win rate in the Normal (Iron-Gold) Elo. As a result, Riot is buffing him in patch 10.10.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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