All Wild Rift Lunar Revel 2024 Skins Leaked

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Even though the Lunar New Year 2024 is more than a month away, new leaks reveal the upcoming Wild Rift Lunar Revel skins.

During many real-life events, Riot releases an event in their game to commemorate the said real-life event. One such event is the Lunar New Year.

Initially, starting in 2011, we have gotten a new Lunar New Year-themed skin every single year. These skins change the visual where they celebrate the new year. Additionally, depending on the skin line, the champions also depict the animal of the year.

Last year was the year of the rabbit. So we got the Mythmaker skin line in Wild Rift, which is inspired by rabbits. Compared to previous years, Mythmaker was one of the best Lunar skins we have gotten. The only Lunar skin that is above Mythmaker is the Shan Hai Scrolls skin line.

With that said, Riot isn’t stopping any time soon, and newer leaks suggest that we are getting even more Lunar Revel skins in 2024.

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Wild Rift: Upcoming Lunar Revel 2024 Skins

A reputable Wild Rift leaker, ChowZ, recently revealed all of the Lunar Revel skins coming in 2024.

Similar to PC Lunar Revel skins in 2023, we are getting two different Lunar skin lines in Wild Rift in 2024. They are Lunar Gods and an unnamed new skin line.

From the Lunar Gods, we are getting,

  • Lunar God Aurelion Sol
  • Lunar Guardian Nasus
  • Lunar God Pantheon
  • Lunar God Morgana
  • Lunar God Kai’Sa

Among these Lunar Gods skins, only the Lunar Guardian Nasus skin is also available on PC. The rest are going to be Wild Rift exclusive. Moreover, since Aurelion Sol is also getting a rework in the same patch, it will be the best time to give him a new skin.

Furthermore, the champions who are going to get the skins from the new unnamed skin line are,

  • Aatrox
  • Thresh
  • Zeri
  • Zyra
  • Graves

There’s not much we know about these skins besides that they will be Wild Rift exclusive. But it is expected that they will be dragon-themed as 2024 will be the year of the dragon.

And finally, even the Wild Pass will be themed around Chinese tradition, specifically Chinese food. And the character will be Veigar. Since we have gotten food-based skins before, it won’t be that different.

Release Date

These skins are expected to be released on Patch 5.0, scheduled for January 18, 2024.

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