All the VALORANT Premier Changes with Episode 8 Act 1

Mahir Faisal
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Premier mode in VALORANT is getting some new updates with the upcoming Episode 8 Act 1.

Premier is VALORANT‘s official tournament mode, where you can compete with your team and earn your place in open qualifiers for VALORANT Challengers. It has been successfully lived up to the beta stage in August, followed by the full release in Episode 7, Act 2. Now as the third season of Premier is going to launch with the upcoming Episode 8, the game mode is going to see some changes.

In Episode 7 Act 2, VALORANT Premier was launched officially worldwide. It also went through some major updates that defined the overall Premier format. The update introduced the new playoff tournament formats and included MMR-based divisions in Premier.

Now, the Episode 8 Act 1 is coming and Premier is getting some new updates as well.

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VALORANT Premier All New Changes Explained

VALORANT Premier All New Changes Explained
Credit-Riot GAMEs
  • Division Preview: You can now preview the division when you create the team. The division will change if you change your team members before your first premier match of the season; after which the division will be locked.
  • Team Role: You can now assign your team’s Captain role. Only the captain of a team will be able to add or remove team members.
  • Division Standings: Just like your competitive rank, the division standings of your team will also be viewable for all players from now on.
  • New Rewards: You will receive a Premier exclusive gun buddy if you win your playoff tournaments. However, you will also be able to get a Player Card just after your first games, no matter what the result is!

VALORANT Premier brings about a series of impactful changes that enhance the game’s competitive landscape in every season. However, the updates for this season are not the major ones. It can be regarded as quality of life updates which will not have any significant impacts on Premier’s format overall.

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