Wuthering Waves: All The Special Enemies

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Image Credit: Kuro Games

Let’s locate all the Special Enemies in Wuthering Waves.

In Wuthering Waves, there are some strong enemies known as Special Enemies. You can spot them easily as they glow in red color. They are stronger than the regular enemies. You will have a hard time beating these enemies, but they are so worth it.

In this guide, I will show you where to find all the Special Enemies in Wuthering Waves.

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All The Special Enemies in Wuthering Waves

Here are all the Special Enemies in Wuthering Waves:

Special Enemy NameLevelLocationLocation
Carapace: Engine Zero25North of Qichi Village, past the outpost buildingView on Map
Viridblaze Saurian: Ultimate30Southeast of Loong’s Gaze Suburbs, near skeletal remainsView on Map
Autopuppet Scout-0140Southeast of Tiderise Cliff, on the shoreView on Map
Wasteland Bellower40Northeast of Corroded Ruins, in an open fieldView on Map
Chasm Rider45Near Qichi Village, close to an archView on Map
Sabyrkin50West of Distribution Center, near a hill with remainsView on Map
Illuminator Theater (3 enemies)60North of Misty Coast, along a broken roadView on Map
Roseshroom Mutant/Variant60West of Donglu Research Station, at a waterfall baseView on Map
Scorpion’s Nest (3 enemies)70In a cave near Tiger’s Maw Mine, password 2457View on Map
Fractsidus Follower (3 enemies)80On a highway in Sea of Flames, jump from edgeView on Map
Obelisk Guardian85On a cliff in Camp Overwatch, near a rockView on Map
Prism Heart (4 enemies)90South of Forbidden Forest, southwest of Giant BanyanView on Map
Young Murmurin (3 enemies)100Near Violet Banyan, south of Thorny PassageView on Map
Twin Heron (2 enemies)110In a pond west of Whining Aix’s MireView on Map
Wild Gorilla120Southeast of Violet Banyan, in the openView on Map
Spearback King125West of Depths of Illusive Realm, near Plateau RuinsView on Map
All The Special Enemies in Wuthering Waves

Carapace: Engine Zero

Here’s the location for Carapace: Engine Zero:

location for Carapace Engine Zero
Image Credit: Kuro Games

Viridblaze Saurian: Ultimate

Here’s the location for Viridblaze Saurian: Ultimate:

location for Viridblaze Saurian
Image Credit: Kuro Games

Autopuppet Scout-01

Here’s the location for Autopuppet Scout-01:

location for Autopuppet Scout
Image Credit: Kuro Games

Wasteland Bellower

Here’s the location for Wasteland Bellower:

location for Wasteland Bellower
Image Credit: Kuro Games

Chasm Rider

Here’s the location for Chasm Rider:

location for Chasm Rider
Image Credit: Kuro Games


Here’s the location for Sabyrkin:

location for Sabyrkin
Image Credit: Kuro Games

Illuminator Theater (3 enemies)

Here’s the location for Illuminator Theater:

location for Illuminator Theater
Image Credit: Kuro Games

Roseshroom Mutant/Variant

Here’s the location for Roseshroom Mutant:

location for Roseshroom Mutant
Image Credit: Kuro Games

Scorpion’s Nest (3 enemies)

Here’s the location for Scorpion’s Nest:

location for Scorpion's Nest
Image Credit: Kuro Games

Fractsidus Follower (3 enemies)

Here’s the location for Fractsidus Follower:

location for Fractsidus Follower
Image Credit: Kuro Games

Obelisk Guardian

Here’s the location for Obelisk Guardian:

location for Obelisk Guardian
Image Credit: Kuro Games

Prism Heart (4 enemies)

Here’s the location for Prism Heart:

location for Prism Heart
Image Credit: Kuro Games

Young Murmurin (3 enemies)

Here’s the location for Young Murmurin:

location for Young Murmurin
Image Credit: Kuro Games

Twin Heron (2 enemies)

Here’s the location for Twin Heron:

location for Twin Heron
Image Credit: Kuro Games

Wild Gorilla

Here’s the location for Wild Gorilla:

location for Wild Gorilla
Image Credit: Kuro Games

Spearback King

Here’s the location for Spearback King:

location for Spearback King
Image Credit: Kuro Games

Special Enemies have fixed levels. This means their level doesn’t change based on your character’s level. Moreover, you have to know when to dodge and counter-attack to beat these Special Enemies. When you defeat a Special Enemy, you get a special achievement. You also get a powerful 4-star or 5-star Echo as a reward.

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