All Error Codes in Warzone 2023: Their Meaning and How to Fix them

Here we will explain all the different error codes players tend to encounter in Call of Duty: Warzone. Additionally, we will guide you through how to fix them as well.

Call of Duty: Warzone is filled with bugs and glitches like every other AAA game. Sometimes, these errors end up crashing the game or creating unwanted issues in Warzone. Most errors in Warzone are server-related and displayed when the game crashes. These errors show an error code, which contains the reason behind the crash.

Infinity Ward’s MW engine has been unstable since the game’s inception. Moreover, server issues have always been rampant in massive live-service titles such as Warzone. So, the server and engine issues combined are primarily responsible for crashes and errors players tend to face in the game.

Fortunately, all errors are assigned with particular error codes. These error codes help identify the reasons and provide the solutions to fix the problems. All platforms such as PC, PlayStation, and Xbox have their fair share of error codes in Warzone.

Activision has identified almost all the existing error codes and their causes. So, here’s an in-depth look at the error codes, their apparent causes, and what players can do to fix them.

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All the Error Codes and How to Fix them in Warzone

1. Dev Error 5476

Dev Error 5476 has been around since the beginning of Warzone, it restricts players from entering multiplayer mode. Unfortunately, the reason behind this error has not been identified yet. However, most experts speculate that it is simply a faulty game file that has managed to remain hidden in plain sight.

Dev Error 5476

Image via u/titusjabronicus

How to Fix Dev Error 5476

There is no specific fix for this error code. However, most players have stated that changing calling cards and emblems from the barracks seemed to have done the trick. Opting out of the randomized calling cards and emblem option for players facing this error code frequently is suggested as a precautionary measure.

Alternative fix for this error code is to go to the settings from the main screen and turn crossplay off. Then as soon as the game is fixed, the crossplay option can safely be turned on again.

2. Dev Error 6345

Dev Error 6345 is exclusively rampant in the PC platforms. It was present in the game since the launch of Modern Warfare. However, it reappeared after the addition of Caldera. This error causes the game to crash randomly at times.

Dev Error 6345

Image via u/OTR_513

How to Fix Dev Error 6345

Primarily, players can fix the error by applying scan and repair from the launcher. However, players can update, restart it, and launch the game if the previous solution doesn’t work. If both solutions don’t work, players should disable their anti-virus software. In the worst-case scenario, if all these solutions seem futile, the only option is to reinstall the game again.

3. Error Code 8192

Error code 8192 is a bizarre issue, the error renders players unable to connect to the Warzone servers. It mostly happens after a massive update. Most players and experts have speculated that this bug is mainly a bug that manages to crawl up to the game with every significant update.

Error code 8192

Image via u/Prosinecki

How to Fix Error Code 8192

Activision is aware of this issue, and they have stated that this is an error on the server’s end. Unfortunately, they have no fix for this error code. The only solution will be to wait for a fix if the error code appears on the player’s end.

4. Error Codes 6 and DIVER

Error codes 6 and DIVER have been terrorizing Warzone since launch. These error codes prevent players from updating the game. There have been no official announcements regarding the error codes. However, thanks to Reddit users and forums out there, we were able to find a fix for both error codes.

Error Codes 6 and DIVER
Image via u/ImaginationFap

How to Fix Dev Error Codes 6 and DIVER

Restart the router, which is the most common troubleshooting for failed download issues. If the error codes persist, then make sure to turn off the Windows firewall before launching the game. At times Windows firewall blocks off important ports without any reason.

If disabling the firewall doesn’t fix the problem, use mobile or cellular data to download the update and switch to the internet network to bypass the update error. If nothing seems to fix these error codes, reinstall the game. As the worst-case scenario measure, reinstalling the game appears to be the fix for most players facing these error codes.

5. Error Codes 262146 and 263234

These error codes indicate server problems at the moment, making players unable to connect to the game servers. This error is unfortunately persistent before and after significant updates as the player count displays an uneven wave.

Error codes 262146 and 263234
Image via u/Kinjaz123

How to Fix Error codes 262146 and 263234

The first and most straightforward solution would be to log out and back into the game. If it doesn’t do the trick, then make sure to hard reboot the PC and consoles. Switch off the device and power it up after 5-10 minutes.

In the worst-case scenario, restart your router and reinstall the game. For console players, resetting to factory settings might be the only way. Although, factory resetting will remove all game data and saved games. So, waiting for the next update might be the only option if players want to avoid data loss.

6. Error codes 11328 and 4

This issue has been a common problem for Warzone players with an unstable internet connection. After launching the game, players get stuck in a constant loop of “fetching online profile”. The error code has become common for Xbox users after the Warzone and Vanguard Season 4 update.

Error code 11328 and 4
Image via u/Dark0v

How to Fix Error codes 11328 and 4

This issue has no particular fix, Activision is aware of the error codes. However, some fixes might be restarting the router, rebuilding the database from settings, and updating the game.

As the issue is from Activision’s end, the easiest option is to launch the game at a later time. Furthermore, changing the DNS server to Google or Cloudflare has solved many players’ problems. A helpful tip would be to keep an eye on Reddit threads and CoD forums to find a feasible solution for the error codes.

7. Status GOLDFLAKE Glitch

This glitch is mainly happening to PlayStation players. Many systems are being forced into rest mode after launching the game. For many players, the game seems to freeze in the middle of a match, and then the console goes into rest mode for a certain period.

Image via u/seanb398

How to Fix GOLDFLAKE Glitch

The most straightforward solution is to reboot the console. Another option that works for many players is to avoid putting the console into rest mode when the game is on. This will minimize the chance of the game crashing at random times or locking up in rest mode.

8. Xbox Error Code 0x80131500

Most Xbox players get this code while downloading or updating Warzone. This is due to an error on Microsoft’s end. Furthermore, the error is closely tied with the Microsoft and Xbox store net frame.

How to Fix Xbox Error Code 0x80131500

The only fix to this error is to update the system software and Microsoft store. Microsoft has not fixed the issue yet. However, experts speculate this will get fixed very soon, just before Modern Warfare 2’s launch.

9. blzbntagt00000bb8 Scan and Repair Glitch

When cannot launch the game, this error code appears, and it gets stuck on scanning and repairing on a loop. Ultimately, the game is not launchable until the app data is cleared correctly.

How to Fix blzbntagt00000bb8 Scan and Repair Glitch

The first method to solve the glitch, courtesy of u/niiima:

  1. First, go to the “Call of Duty Modern Warfare” Installation Folder and delete everything except the “Data” folder.
  2. Open your “Data” folder, and in the search bar of Windows Search, type: .idx
  3. Now delete everything that shows up (All of them must be .idx files since you searched that type of file)
  4. While being in the “Data” folder, open the “data” subfolder and delete every file that’s under 2MB (You can sort the files by “Size” and then quickly delete every file that’s under 2MB)
  5. Open the app and see that it has automatically started scanning the files. So wait for it to finish, and you’ll see it’ll download the missing files (It’ll probably be less than 2GB), and after that, you can finally press play.

If the first method doesn’t work, here’s the second fix for the glitch, courtesy of u/Toddlebear:

  1. Close app
  2. CTRL + R (Opens Run) – type in %ProgramData%
  3. Delete three folders of or Blizzard.
  4. Start the app again. Remember to use Admin Rights.
  5. Top-Left Settings > Downloads > Scans for games > Locate and then find your game files.
  6. It’ll update or whatever it needs to do, and then you can play.

10. Error Code TORCH

Among all the issues plaguing PlayStation consoles, Error Code TORCH is a significant one. This error is preventing players from updating Warzone. However, there is no clear answer to what is causing this error in PS5 and PS4 systems.

Image via u/Hibeenick

How to Fix Error Code TORCH

The only potential fix to this error is to close the game and re-open it to force update it. If it doesn’t work the first time, keep repeating the process. Bruteforcing an update has been the most common solution for this update.

Another fix most Reddit users suggested was switching to a wired connection from a wireless one. If nothing seems to work, reinstalling the game should fix the problem.

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New error codes keep popping up in Warzone as the game updates with massive changes. Like every live-service title, error codes will remain a common problem for Warzone. We’ll update this article with new error codes and their fixes as soon as they are discovered.

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