All Kill-Streaks & Achievements: Splitgate

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Every killstreak and all kill acheivments in Splitgate.

Getting kills in Splitgate might be easy as it is a fast-paced online multiplayer, although getting killstreaks can be challenging.

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We have made a complete list of the killstreaks available in the Splitgate below.

All Killstreaks in Splitgate

Every FPS game is incomplete without an in-game voice giving you that sweet announcement every time you reach a new kill streak.

Splitgate is no different in this manner as well. Furthermore, some of these killstreaks also let you unlock all kill-related achievements and trophies in Splitgate.

In fact, the table below shows all the names of each killstreak and how you can achieve them.

Killstreak NameRequirement
Killing Spree5 kills
Killection Agency10 Kills
Fragtastic15 kills
King Of Carnage20 kills
Absolute Mad Lad25 kills
Superkillifragelisticextrakilladocious50 kills
All Kill Streak Achievements

All Kill Achievements in Splitgate

Achievement NameRequirements
On Fire 500 kills
Back-2-Back 25 double kills
Crowd Control 10 Triple Kills
Unstoppable One Quad Kill
Headhunter 50 Headshot Kills
Tricksterone Portal Kill
Gunslinger30 Pistol Kills
Dead Eye 25 headshot kills
2 for 1 Special collateral kill with a sniper rifle
SMG Goes Brr 2500 damage with an SMG
All Kill Achievements

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