All Item Changes In LoL Patch 14.2

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Riot has revealed all of the item changes that are coming in League of Legends patch 14.2.

Compared to the last League of Legends season, season 14 had a massive head start. We got so much content in the first patch, 14.1.

Firstly, the entire map was overhauled. Now, the map is a lot wider than before, and the gank paths were adjusted. Additionally, they added a new neutral objective at the baron pit called Voidgrubs. It spawns before the Rift Herald and gives a team massive buffs. This buff helps a team split push a lot better. They also reworked the Rift Herald as well. Now you can control the Rift Herald, just like a Sion ult.

Besides these map and jungle changes, the most important change that happened in patch 14.1 is the new item system. In this update, Riot has removed the mythic items and adjusted all of the items in the game. Furthermore, they have also added a lot of new items and removed some of the existing items.

But not all of the new items were perfect. Most of the new assassin items are weak, Sundered Sky is overturned, and all of the new AP items are insanely broken. Probably, only the ADC items are balanced overall.

Riot has already adjusted many of the items in patch 14.1b. Besides that, Riot has unveiled all of the item changes coming in patch 14.2.

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League of Legends Patch 14.2: All Item Changes

Item Buffs

Horizon Focus

  • Trigger radius: 700 units >>> 600
  • Vision/AoE radius: 1400 >>> 1200

Even though AP burst champions are the meta, Horizon Focus is not getting any plays at the moment. The main culprit is that Stormsurge is the strongest item in the game by far. Although Stormsurge is also getting nerfed in this patch, Horizon Focus is also getting some slight buffs as well.

Steel Sigil

  • Cost: 550 >>> 450

Steel Sigil is one of the newest component items in the game. It grants AD and armor to its users. Players can build either Death’s Dance or Guardian Angel from this item. However, this item doesn’t provide as much value as its price would suggest. So, Riot is buffing the item as a result.


  • Cost: 3100 >>> 3000
  • Attack speed: 25% >>> 30%

Besides Sundered Sky users, bruisers aren’t doing well currently, And Stridebreaker is also very weak compared to what it was last season. Even though it got buffed in patch 14.1b, it’s getting another buff in the upcoming update.

Item Nerfs


  • Bonus damage: 12%/8% >>> 10%/6%

Players can choose between five support items with the new support starter item changes. However, the most prominent item of them all is Bloodsong. Due to this, it is getting tweaked.

Frozen Heart

  • Cost: 2300 >>> 2400

Just like AP champions, tanks have also gotten far stronger as well. And one of the items getting nerfed as a result is Frozen Heart.


  • Cost: 3000 >>> 3100

There are two items that are the main culprits in starting the current AP burst meta. One of them is the Riftmaker. Since Gwen is getting some much-needed buffs in this update, both of the items are getting nerfed.


  • AP reduced: 100 >>> 90
  • AP ratio: 30%/22.5% >>> 20%/15%

As stated before, two items are the main cause of the current AP meta. One item is the Riftmaker, and the other is Stormsurge. And Stormsurge is getting the biggest nerf out of them all.

Patch 14.2 Release Date

All of these changes are coming out in patch 14.2, scheduled for Wednesday, January 24, 2024.

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