All Endings in Digimon Survive

There are five possible endings you can get in Digimon Survive. Let’s find out Takuma’s fate in every ending.

Digimon Survive offers a unique RPG experience as it juggles between being a visual novel and a survival game with tactical combat. Moreover, your characters’ fate also depends on your choices throughout the game. So, the affinity you build with your friends and your Digimon will shape the course of the story accordingly.

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Not only that, three of the five possible endings are directly tied to the Karma your gameplay had been focusing on. If you are unsure how the different Karmas work, you can read our detailed guide explaining Digimon Survive’s Karma System.

On a side note, even though the game has five endings, they all stem from the decisions made at the end of the story’s 8th chapter. Depending on whether Takuma and Miyuki decide to return to the real world or stay in the digital world, you can get a variety of endings. In this guide, we will go over all the major endings in Digimon Survive. Caution: major spoilers ahead!

Digimon Survive Moral Ending

You must have at least 25 points in your Moral Karma to get the moral ending. Generally, Moral Karma points are earned by making just and morally right decisions, no matter how difficult. That’s why you must be true to your friends to get this ending.

In this ending, you will choose to go back to the real world. However, you will have to fight off the Master in his true form with the help of Renamon and Garurumon. You can find them in the library area and school area respectively. Moreover, Agumon and Gabumon will also digivolve into Omnimon.

You will learn that the Master is responsible for making several child sacrifices to fuel this world. That’s why you must defeat him. Sadly, in this ending, you will have to leave your Digimon friends behind so that you can go back to the real world and teach people about the existence of the Digital world.

That’s because you will learn that just people’s consciousness about the Digital world alone is enough to fuel it. As the credits roll, Takuma and his friends can be seen visiting their Digimon pals in the heartfelt epilogue set after a year of the game’s main event.

Digimon Survive Harmony Ending

You must have at least 25 points in your Harmony Karma to get the Harmony ending. Harmony karma points can be earned by making decisions that lead to peaceful resolutions. That’s why to get this ending, you will have to save the world when presented with the choice in Chapter 8.

Sadly, Miu dies in this ending, which leads to Kaito forming a pact with Piedmon and creating the mighty Boltboutamon. And once the Master consumes Boltboutamon, you and your allies must take him down. After that, Boltboutamon makes an appearance again but in a much more weakened state.

Once the battle is over, the portal connecting the human and digital worlds becomes unstable, causing the two worlds to merge. The team then returns to their world along with their Digimon friends, and the humans and Digimons learn to coexist in this newly merged world.

However, the newly collided worlds come with their own set of challenges as humans and Digimon struggle to coexist peacefully. Takuma and his friends establish the Japanese Institute of Electronic Symbiotes to help children who are struggling with their newly found partners.

Digimon Survive Wrathful Ending

You must have at least 25 points in your Wrathful Karma to get the Wrathful ending. Wrathful karma points are earned by making choices that are focused on getting things done by whatever means necessary. To get this ending, you must choose to stay with Agumon.

Digimon Survive’s wrathful ending also serves as a bad ending. In this ending, Saki dies while Aoi and Labramon fuse in their dying breaths to become Plutomon. However, The Master then consumes Plutomon and becomes even stronger. With that said, Aoi’s soul reappears once you take down the Master.

The following events play out like the Harmony ending, where the portal becomes unstable, and the two worlds fuse together. However, the collision’s aftermath is far more chaotic as children who have formed bonds with Kemonogami are shunned by society. It then becomes Kaito and Takuma’s mission to find these children to recruit and help them in an attempt to restore the new world’s order.

Digimon Survive Bad Ending

If you think the Wrathful Ending isn’t bad enough, you can actually get an even worse ending by cutting the story short. The game can end abruptly in chapter 8 if you never go back to the Digital world.

In this ending, Takuma and his family can be seen evacuating their home as the city falls into chaos and an emergency relocation is issued. The credits roll as a mysterious portal opens in the sky, and you are taken back to the main menu.

Digimon Survive True Ending

In Digimon Survive’s true and best ending, everyone survives. However, this ending isn’t attainable in your first playthrough as it requires you to finish the story in New Game+. The events are the same as your Moral ending, but with Ryo and Shuji making it to the end. With that said, saving Shuji is relatively easy once you manage to save Ryo.

In this ending, Haruchika bonds with Fanglongmon and goes into Ruin mode as a result of being engulfed by malice. The gang then has to face Fanglongmon with the help of Miyuki’s ancestor and Haruchika’s sister, Yukiha. She takes control of Miyuki’s body to calm down Fanglongmon and save Haruchika.

After their victory, Takuma and his friends return to the human world with their Digimon friends. As Takuma explains in the epilogue, humans and Digimon have learned to coexist peacefully after a rough few months of adjusting.

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