Digimon Survive: How to Befriend Gazimon

Keep reading to learn how to befriend Gazimon in Digimon Survive.

A brand new Digimon game is here, giving us the opportunity to face and befriend various Digimon as we go. Digimon Survive is a unique blend of a visual novel, tactical RPG, and survival game. In Digimon Survive, you will take on the role of high schooler Takuma Momozuka who finds himself transported to another world with his friends.

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And, to survive in this world, you need all the support you can get. So, throughout the course of the story, you will have to face off various Digimon that you can eventually befriend. Having said that, Gazimon is one of such Digimon that may join you in your adventures if you manage to befriend it. This guide will walk you through how to befriend Gazimon in Digimon Survive.

Befriending Gazimon

Befriending Gazimon works exactly like it would with any other Digimon you encounter in Digimon Survive. Simply defeating a Digimon in a fight is not enough to convince it to serve you. Instead, you’ll have to converse with the Digimon and make sure your answers appeal to their personal values and beliefs. To befriend Gazimon, you must answer at least three questions correctly during your interaction.

But what happens if you fail to appease the Digimon with your answers? Well, if you cannot convince Gazimon to join your team, you will not be able to use him in battle. Having said that, if you have already befriended Gatsumon before, then convincing Gazimon to join your cause will be a piece of cake. That’s because all the questions the two Digimon ask are the same.

However, being asked the same set of questions doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get by with the same answers every time. After all, every Digimon has a unique personality with their own set of beliefs. For example, Gazimon respects humans and sees them as equals. So, your answers must lean towards equality, with a strong essence of mutual respect.

Where to find Gazimon

Gazimon is located in the School Area and can only be befriended when you’ve reached Part 2 of Digimon Survive’s story and unlocked the Free Battle area. In order to face Gazimon, open the world map, select School Area, and then choose Free Battle.

After selecting your team, the battle will begin, and you will face Gazimon. When presented with several choices during the battle, you can select the “Talk” option. This will open the Foe tab, from where you can select Gazimon. This will commence your negotiation with Gazimon.

All Gazimon Answers

As we’ve mentioned before, Gazimon has a strong sense of mutual respect toward humans and believes Digimon and humans are equal in all aspects. Moreover, he also has a quirky and mischievous personality. So, to get on his good side, you must stick with answers that raise your Moral Karma. Below are all the best answers to Gazimon’s questions:

  • Question #1: I don’t feel so good…Someone, help……Pfft, ha ha ha, just kidding! Did I getcha?!
    • Best Answer: I’m glad you’re okay.
  • Question #2: I don’t care if you smile, or laugh, or whatever! I ain’t gonna trust no human!
    • Best Answer: What can I do, then?
  • Question #3: Go on…Try guessing what I think of ya!
    • Best Answer: That I’m easygoing?
  • Question #4: Boy, you’re a tough-lookin’ mug, aren’t ya?! I bet I’d lose if we threw down…
    • Best Answer: We’d probably tie.
  • Question #5: Hey, what kinda food do ya like?
    • Best Answer: Love me some meat!
  • Question #6: Next! Whaddaya think’d be a good prank?
    • Best Answer: A pit trap?
  • Question #7: Don’t you think every day’s just sooo boring?
    • Best Answer: Let’s go do something!

Selecting all the right answers will fill all the six bars and impress Gazimon. In return, he’ll ask you if you want something. You may ask him for items, but the right option here is to select “Be my friend,” and he’ll join your team.

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