All Emotes in Lethal Company & How to use them

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All emotes in Lethal Company & how to use them

Here is the complete list of all emotes in Lethal Company and how to use them.

As a horror RPG game, Lethal Company is getting popular for its unique gameplay. It is more fun when playing in multiplayer mode. You will match up with three other players and do most of the tasks as a team. The environment of the game will help you adapt to the spooky situations. Team coordination between members is crucial to successfully tackle the dangers and collect the scraps. The game offers a voice chat option to communicate appropriately with your team to plan survival strategies and overcome terrifying deaths.

Additionally, the game also has emotes that you can use in case you don’t have a mic or don’t want to use one. You can quickly ping and communicate with your squad using the emotes for better teamwork. Let’s get to know all available emotes in Lethal Company and how to use them.

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All Emotes in Lethal Company

Currently there are only two emotes are available. Here is the list of all the available emotes in Lethal Company:

Point EmoteNumber 1 keyYou can use this emote to indicate a specific location to your teammates to let them know where some of the scraps are located or if you’ve encountered a monster in the area.
Dance EmoteNumber 2 keyThis Dance emote is just for fun purposes. When things are too severe, you can use this emote to cheer up your teammates. You can take a break from all tasks and even have a 4-man dance party.

How to use Emotes in Lethal Company

To use a specific emote, you need to press the button set for that emoji. Usually, the preferable buttons for emotes are the Number 1 key and the number 2 key. Pressing the number keys will activate the emotes to communicate with your squad. The emotes can be set on loops, so moving or using objects can interrupt this process.

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